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Published: 25.02.2012
Updated: 30.07.2015

2012 Karuna's Mewar Tour

Meanwhile it was early afternoon, and the temperature had reached its maximal height. The cold of the night - min. about 4°C and no heating! - slowly had changed into the typical dry warmth of Mewar. News from Europe talked of ice and snow, but I felt in spring - during daylight at least. At night temperatures are very low in January I had been forewarned by my non-resident Indian friends from Rajasthan. So I was dressed according to the so-called onion-principle, get off one layer when it is not needed, put it again when necessary. Against the cold nights I had a warm sleeping back, a flannel pajama, and woolen underclothes, which I all used every night during my stay in addition to the two thick cotton blankets from my hosts.

When the details of the tour were worked out, I asked my friends to please make me visit all sites worth seeing, even those I was not aware of. Such a case seemed to happen after the visit to Rajsamand Children’s Peace Palace. Suddenly we left the road to Delwara and drove on a much more rural street upward a hill. The street got worse and worse, and I was surprised to see an increasing number of small marble pieces. We stopped at a wall with a small entry gate. After passing it, I saw another marble processing company, I thought. But when I looked closer, I saw handicraftsmen doing fine carvings I only had seen decorating temples.

And then I saw the wonderful reconstruction site of an old Jain temple! Workers doing those qualified skills I always wished to see once, but feared this old craftwork might be fallen into oblivion. It is alive and still meticulously performed. The pure white marble reflected the sunlight, and this bright light seemed to me to witness a little wonder.


The old tradition is still alive, a qualified skilled worker renovates the carving of a marble column.



All repaired parts are meticulously registered.


Entry of old Jain Temple


Renovated parts of the temple and registered renovated marble pieces


Renovated part





Inside the temple


Fourfold depiction of Adinatha in the sanctum, protected by a fence




Small temple in a courtyard nearby the old Jain temple, still used as Hanuman Temple. The typical Jain marble carvings had been removed.


Corridor from Old Jain Temple to the courtyard with the small temple.


Storage of renovated pillar crowns


All 4 cvorners of the temple are decorated with lions.

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