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Published: 21.02.2012
Updated: 18.03.2013

2012 Karuna's Mewar Tour

Tour 1 was finalised with the following destinations:

  • Amet
  • Kelwa Andheri Ori
  • Rajsamand Children’s Peace Palace
  • Rajsamand Old Jain Temple
  • Delwara Jain Temples
  • Amet

Departure was declared at 10:00 am. At 07:30am I woke up by the noise of some bustling activities indicating even to the stranger that something extraordinary was going on. On my way to kitchen, center of all family activities and central information agency like overall around the world, I was told to hurry up because Sadhvi Pramukha would come to the house. I was not sure to have correctly understood, but when Akruti told me, “Hurry up, please” I quick-witted ran for my camera. Downstairs again, Sadhvi Pramukha was about to enter the house.


Sadhvi Pramukkha ji entering the Dak family's house in Amet to give her blessings. Shamtu Dak the mistress of the house bowed down, Akruti her daughter saluted Sadhvi Pramukha with folded hands.


When Sadhvishrees went on to next house, one of them addressed me and asked, "How are you Karuna?" I was perplexed.


Sadhvishree then helped me and said her name, Sadhvi Param Prabha, former Samani Param Pragya. Together with Samani Punya Pragya we went in 2006 from Ladnun to Tamkor by car. I still remember how she had explained Namokar Mahamantra to me at this occasion.


Sadhi Pramukha ji leaving a house after having blessed it with her enlightened presence.


Sadhvishrees with their enlightened presence continued the blessing of all houses, belonging to Terapanth or not.


Again I admired the speed they walked. In incredibly short time they were gone, but had left an incredible input on everybody. The day started for all of us with very, very happy vibrations.

After breakfast I was looking forward to be picked up, and at 10:00am precise Mr. Jagdish the driver arrived. We directly went to Mr. Manish’s shop. Mr. Manish and Mr. Jagdish are very close friends, and so it came that I went on tour with two “Indian sons” as they put it. It was great!

First stop was at a marble processing company. What a pity that the typical sound of the machines cannot be heard!


Marble processing machine








Marble tiles


Workers in marble processing business


Marble processing company on 55km long so-called marble market from Ahmet to Nathdwara







Arrival in Kelwa.

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  1. Amet
  2. Andheri Ori
  3. Delwara
  4. Jain Temple
  5. Jain Temples
  6. Karuna
  7. Kelwa
  8. Ladnun
  9. Mewar
  10. Nathdwara
  11. Pragya
  12. Punya
  13. Rajsamand
  14. Sadhvi
  15. Sadhvi Param Prabha
  16. Sadhvi Pramukha
  17. Samani
  18. Samani Param Pragya
  19. Samani Punya Pragya
  20. Tamkor
  21. Terapanth
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