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Published: 18.02.2012
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2012 Karuna's Mewar Tour

The day had started with a terrific celebration manifesting the commitment of educators to provide a chance for the underprivileged. As M.C. Primary School Sultanpur is a government supported model school, all expenses for festivities like the fancy dresses for the celebration of Republic Day and also the technical equipment were sponsored by means of the government, Principal Mr. Yaspal Pahuja of Sultanpur Primary School confirmed. This made possible an obviously uplifting experience for the students, which we had the chance to witness.

At lunch time we came back to the Kendra. After lunch everyone cleansed the dishes used for the meal. One lady told me that she had witnessed a touching situation when a daughter-in-law took the utensils used by her father-in-law for cleansing. The old man did not hand them over to her with the words, “Please let me do it myself, until now I never had the chance to do so.” The young lady remarked that situations like these made it clear to her that many things in India are about to change in 21st century.

After the meal Swami Dharmanand ji, Nirmala ji, some of the kendra’s residents and myself took rest in the warm afternoon sun.



Smti Nirmalaji Jain with Kirpassanker of Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Mehrauli, Chhattarpur Road.


Smti Nirmalaji Jain, wife of Swami Dharmanandji.


Swami Dharmanand ji signing papers.




View from the reception of Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Mehrauli, Chhattarpur Road to the street, bordered by beautiful trees.



Smti Sayer Bengani from Ladnun with whom I got friend from the first moment we met.



Swami Dharmanand ji totally himself



Smt Ashok Bengani with his wife Sayer and Karuna Jain from Berlin. We had so many meaningful talks and hope to meet again.

After dinner, at about 07:00pm Swami Dharmanand ji came to tell me that it is time to leave for the station. Train Delhi - Udaipur would be at Delhi Kunt at 07:52pm, and as we were informed at the ticket office, it would stop there only for two minutes. Not too much time to find coach and seat.

With a heavy heart now it was time to say good-bye to Guru ji and to my new friends, Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Sayer Bengani, Ladnun. After yesterday’s evening meditation and the evening of my departure we had some very intensive talks on spirituality, the meaning of hardship in life, and the human power to overcome likes and dislikes. Although we had met only for some hours this time, we had become very close friends and expressed our hopes to meet again.

Mr. Kirpassanker again accompanied me to the station, provided tea and snacks. On the platform we met with Mr. Kailash Jain whom I had met one day before in the Kendra. Swami Dharmanand ji had recommended to him to take care that I reach my destination. Mr. Kailash Jain also wanted to go to Amet for Guru Darshan and Maryada Mahotsav. I felt surrounded by friends, and when someone asked if I do not feel lonesome on my trip I responded with full heart that I never felt alone, surrounded by so many, many friends.

When the train arrived with slight delay, affectingly Mr. Kirpassanker took care that I reached my coach and seat. Just one felt second before the train set in motion he jumped back to the platform. He would get back to the Kendra by bus. Thank you so much, Mr. Kirpassanker!


Shri Lalit Kumar Gupta and his wife Geeta with whom I immediately got friends when meeting in the night train from Delhi to Udaipur on 25th January. I left at Mavli Junction, they headed for a holiday to Udaipur with their son and daughter-in-law.

In the train I met with Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta and his wife Geeta. There was such an instant amity between us that I felt very grateful for the chance to have such wonderful moments in life. Mrs. Geeta told me that according to the time given on my ticket I would know when the train reaches Mavli Junction and just had to leave the train when it stopped somewhere around the given time.

Given time for Mavli Junction was 06:30am, and fortunately I woke up at 06:00am. Mrs. Geeta gave me a smiling view, murmured “Good morning” and again fell asleep. I took my luggage and went to exit. Nobody there. I started to feel a little lost. But then a young man appeared and asked me if I was from Germany. He told me that Mr. Kailash Jain in a faraway coach had asked him to take care of me. So I was in the company of his nice family when we reached Mavli Junction and left the train together.

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