18.08.2011 ►A Workshop On Nashamukti

Published: 12.11.2011
Updated: 09.06.2015

Kesinga, 18.08.2011

A workshop on “NASHAMUKTI” (DE-ADDICTION) took place in Kesinga Jainbhawan in guidance of Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji’s disciple Sadhvi Shri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji, in support of “TERAPANTH YUVAK PARISHAD, KESINGA”.

In this workshop Sadhvi Shri Kundan Rekha Ji said “Addition in wrong things is the door towards destruction, in Hindi that is “NASHA NASH KA DWAR HAI”. She said “Addition leads to loss of sense of good & bad. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. not only harm the body but also harm a person in emotional level. Acharya Shri Mahashraman is filled with immense mercy, he is considering the dark world of addiction is trying very hard towards “NASHAMUKTI”. We can get rid of any addiction if we are determined for leaving it. She also said that in the occasion of Acharya Shri Mahashraman’s 50th birthday, Amrit Mahostsav’s 2nd stage we should pledge of lightning our lives with the candle of “NASHAMUKTI” & then try to enlighten every other extinguished candle, so that one day everyone would be Nashamukti. It is well expected that everyone should work towards it.

In this workshop Members of Yuvak Parishad provided people with Nashamukti forms & almost 200 in the same workshop & a total of 450 forms of nashamukti were filled up.

The program started with song of Sadhvi Shri Kalyan Yasha Ji. The message of Acharya Shri Ji was read by Sadhvi Shri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji.


8178598188 Sadhvi Shri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji, addressing the crowd about Nasha Mukti.
8178595744 Crowd in the workshop On Nashamukti
8178567189 Sadhvi Shri Kundan Rekha Ji
8178568253 Sadhvi Shri Ji reading the message of Acharyashri ji & also explaining about the form
8178599406 View of crowd & stage
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