Jainism: The Eternal and Universal Path for Enlightenment: 12.5 About Book & Author

Published: 12.10.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

About the Book

Observation of nature reveals that it has been following a well-defined path of evolving consciousness to ever increasing higher levels since eternity. Some of the principles nature employs in this pursuit are the same as enunciated by Jainism. The main aim of Jainism is also to develop consciousness to higher levels and it specifies certain procedures for achieving this goal. These procedures or the path for achieving enlightenment is universal in the sense that it can be adopted by anyone seeking enlightenment. The book describes some of these lessons we can learn by studying nature using scientific methods and compares them with the Jain scriptures related to physics, cosmology, chemistry and biology.

About  the  Author

Dr. Narendra Bhandari is a planetary scientist. He obtained his Ph.D. in physics, while carrying out research at the Tata institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai..He worked at the University of California, San Diego, USA, and as Senior Professor at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. His research includes study of cosmic ray interactions with earth, Moon and meteorites. His main scientific contributions are related to application of natural and artificial radioactivity in understanding terrestrial reservoirs like atmosphere and glaciers as well as large impacts on the earth. He worked on moon samples brought by American Apollo missions and USSR Luna missions and on India's first mission to Moon, where he was responsible for defining the scientific objectives and instruments on Chandrayaan-1.For his outstanding contributions he was awarded Certificate of Special Recognition by NASA, USA, National Mineral award of Government of India and Vikram Sarabhai award for Planetary and Space Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences and Gujarat Science Academy. He has published and edited many books. Notable amongst them is The mysterious Moon and India's Chandrayaan mission which has been published in English, Gujarati and Hindi.

He is much interested in Jain and Buddhist philosophy and he has published several papers. The present book gives a new insight in to Jain path of enlightenment.


Jainism - The Eternal and Universal Path for Enlightenment - Narendra Bhandari- jainismbook_final_28-5-2011.pdf

Edited by:
Acharya Vijay Nandi Ghosh Sūri

Published by:
Research Institute of Scientific Secrets from Indian Oriental Scriptures (RISSIOS), Ahmedabad

Online Edition 2011: HN4U


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