How Do Jains Honor Their Elderly

Published: 16.09.2011

How Do Jains Honor Their Elderly

Fakirchand J.  DalalIt is a Wonderful Thought to Think about forgotten Seniors, particularly the First Generation of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) in the West i.e. U.S.A., U.K., etc. I am One of them, an 84 year Old Retiree for over 20 years living in U.S.A. with my Retiree wife since 1969/70. I have Read, Written and Talked about the Comprehensive Solution for First Generation Vegetarian Retirees in the West.

First Generation Indians are a Unique Educated and Successful Group with its Religious/Cultural background, which has Neither Developed Hobbies, Nor Assimilation. They have been Successful Only in Important measures i.e. Accumulation of Money and Building Traditional Temples. Now the Question/Problem has arisen when grown up Children have Left for Higher Education, Work and /or Settled down after Marriage within or outside their Value System. Aged Couples, Widows/Widowers and Singles/UnMarried are Living in "EMPTY NESTS", Isolated, Disabled, Worried and Unable to Manage The House-Hold affairs e.g. Driving, Shopping, Cooking, Maintenance and Chores - Indoor and Outdoors/Yard and frequent Visits to Doctors/Hospitals, etc.  Community/Religious Organizations have continuously Shirked their Responsibility in this area, except The LIP-SYMPATHY as they are More Concerned with The Next/Future Lives and Achieving Nirvan/Heaven/Moksha, then eventually.  The Only thing they have Done is Building Eye-Catching Expensive Temples for Rituals, Celebrations and Lectures/Kathas/Sermons from/about Scriptures by GURUS/Pundits, living in The Past, making Money from Blind-Faith and Brain-Washed common/average People/Believers.  Leaders are Playing The Role of Agents, from Platforms.

There is NO SOLUTION for the SUFFERING SENIOR/RETIREE/S. Senior Organizations and their Federation are Formed, but their Activities are Mostly Temple-Based. Seniors are "Kept In Good Humor" with Silently Suffering and Can't TELL, any One.

The Western Society has Found and Acted on their SOLUTION-ORIENTED Ways. They have Organized "RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES" through Christian/Jewish Churches/Temples and Commercial Organizations like Marriott, Hyatt, etc.  With Large Number of "Baby Boomers" joining the Group, Seniors are Becoming The Largest Influential Group in Political, Economic and Religious arena. Seniors Retire at the retiring Age, Sell their Houses and Pay in for a Down-Sized Need in the Retirement Communities within their Comfortable Zone/Area.  They Pay for their Maintenance during Retirement Period from Social Security and Income from Savings.  Retirement Communities are Providing for Independent, Assisted and Nursing Stage Living.  They provide for Accommodation, Food/Lunch/Dinner, Transportation, Activities/Entertainment, Medical Needs, Bank, Post Office, Stores/Restaurants, Safety/Security, Educational Needs, etc. Some such Organizations are Run on Non-Profit Basis. NRI Seniors are "Left in Lurch". 


There are More than Enough TEMPLES, now. There are Large Number of NRI Seniors in Most of the Metropolitan Areas. They are Resourceful i.e. in Money and Talent e.g. Finance/Capital, Engineering/Construction, Real Estate/Developers, Hotel/Motel (Association), Medical (NRI Doctors-Associations of All Specialities, including Geritrics), Organization, Leadership/Entrepreneurship, Thinkers/Writers, etc.  Then, What is Lacking? Determination for Solving PROBLEMS in/of THIS LIFE, HERE and NOW. Religions and Languages are NO SOLUTION. They are themselves, THE PROBLEM.  NRIs can Organize and Develop on NON-LINGUISTIC/Parochial and NON-RELIGIOUS/Secular Basis ONLY.   NRIs are A UNIQUE EXAMPLE of SUFFERING with More than ENOUGH Resources. It is Nothing, but a SHAME.  Any amount of BRAGGING and HYPOCRISY are in Vain and for Ruin as they WON'T Reach them to Any HEAVEN, which is Right Here On THIS EARTH. "JAI AHINSA"

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