We All Can Bring Back Heaven On This Earth By Practicing Non-Violence In Our Day-To-Day Life

Published: 04.08.2011

Fakirchand J.  DalalIt looks like there are more stupid People in this World. It does Not make any Difference, if one is A President or A Vice-President. And the Result is - We All are Suffering. We did Not Think about this when we were Young. Because we were smarter then. As we grew Old, Our Brains Got Exhausted and Our Minds got Cluttered.  To Refresh All These, One Needs to Take A Deep Breath and Observe NATURE. It will be Rejuvenating.  Can we Do this while being A Senior/Retiree? Yes, Only if we Do Not Re-Engage in Baby-Seating Our Grand Children and Cleaning their Rubbish.  But, I understand that Many consider that to be their Religious Duty in Second Childhood.  I Don't, because I can't stand Any Structured Religion, Believing in The Past Traditions and Dogmas Written by those who do Not Believe in SCIENCE and CHANGE. I am a Rationalist, Non-Conformist, Non-Traditionalist and an Atheist.

This World is Full of Religions, Sects and Sub-Sects with Hierarchy, Authority, Power and Positions. We See what is Happening in the World To-Day in the Name of Religion.  Religions have become the Biggest Money-Making Business, particularly in India and Among the Indians Everywhere, Building Temples.  The World is Poorer and Violent.  PEACE is far, far away.

We All Can Bring Back Heaven on This Earth by Practicing Non-Violence in our day-to-day Life.

Being a Vegetarian and a VEGAN is the First and Last Step to be Happy as a Human-being.  Again, it will also benefit Animals and save them from Cruelty and Ultimate Death. Human Health - Physical, Mental and Philosophical, will be Better with Cleaner Environment.  This will be A NON-STUPID Healthy Step.


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