Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [25.1] 3rd IPMC - Gochari - Giving Food To Munis & Sadhvis

Published: 22.01.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

The last day, just after lunch, it was rumored that H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna himself would come to take Gochari from the kitchen of the IPMC. Sometimes he took Gochari himself, mostly he was looked after by some younger Munis. When he goes for Gochari himself, all monks of the order have to do so as well. It was said that he does so for reminding everyone in the order of this rule, because elder Munis are often supplied with food by the younger Munis of their group.

This time it proved to be a saying, for one monk (in the background left) came for Gochari. If it was for H.H. himself was not clear to us who do not speak Hindi or any other Indian language. Many people did not want to miss the occasion to give food from their own hand. Karuna (second right) was watching the scene.

Then somebody put some food to give into her hands, and she was very happy to give it to the monk who accepted it. Someone explained the custom to her.

Munishree blessed everyone and continued on Gochari. Some of the participants had brought wonderful dry fruits and healthy snacks extra for such an occasion, hoping it might happen. After Munishree left the scene, the dry fruits were distributed to everybody.

Then two Sadhvishrees arrived for Gochari. Like before the monk, they only took little portions from different dishes, pushed by the watching little crowd to take more.

But as modest as usual, they only took little quantities while pointing at their small and slim figures, emphasizing the little portions they need to satisfy hunger.

Manju Chandalia and her husband Ashok from the IPMC organising committee were happy just by being present, and urged the participants to give the food.

All this happened in an incredible speed, after a few minutes, Gochari was done and the Sadhvishrees rushed back to their quarter. They really demonstrated how to take care of time that it can take care of them...

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