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Published: 01.06.2011
Updated: 03.06.2011

Fakirchand J.  DalalIt is encouraging to know that educated people with open and thinking minds generally come to right conclusions anywhere in the world including India. It is not only amazing but very hopeful sign that India is amenable to rational thinking as against traditional thinking religious people guided by their religious preachers who do not keep up-to-date with scientific research in fast changing technological global universe. There are many groups in India coming up fast in this direction of animal rights, health and non-violence.  In an ancient country like India which has seen many historical turmoils, including foreign invasions from central Asia and the west. Things were highly expected to change after independence in 1947, but highly disappointing due to its leadership falling into the hands of self-centered people after the sad and sudden demise of Gandhi at the hands of a religious fanatic.

This was bound to happen, as religious fanaticism was leading in all structured religious groups and continuing till to-date.  The lessons to be learnt are education and exposure to the scientific world progressing throughout the world.  World has a self-correcting mechanism to change for the better as human experiences mature and used for the betterment of all living beings. We are observing glimpses of awakening everywhere, including Middle East and North Africa.  There are gloom & doom-sayer pessimists everywhere and they give-up easily.  Personally, I am one of those eternal optimists who have faith in human ingenuity which will come to play as and when occasions arise.  We are at that stage now- an awakening renaissance.  Let us all work together with hope for better days ahead.  "JAI AHINSA"

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