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Published: 26.01.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

The Jain university is like a spiritual oasis in the semi-arid desert of central Rajasthan, being situated on the campus of Jain Vishva Bharati, sponsoring body of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute [JVBI]. The campus is spread over 1,00,600 sq. meters of area at the outskirts of Ladnun with hundreds of trees on either side of the roads and parks with flowers and flourishing plants in the centre.

The inspiring force behind the establishment of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (JVBI) was Gurudev Tulsi. He aimed to create an educational institution wherein learning and research would be blended with Sadhana. Lord Mahavira said 2600 years ago 'Nanassa Saram Ayaro', i.e. 'Right conduct is the essence of knowledge'.
In 1991, the government of India notified Jain Vishva Bharati Institute as ‘Deemed University’, at present Acharya Mahaprajna is the preceptor of JVBI.

JVBI seen from the same styled Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidyala College building situated in front. The Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidyala College is for women only and integral part of JVBI. It is named after 8. Acharya Kalugani who was the first to realise the education of women.
Actually JVBI has nearly 5000 students. 400 students, Samanis included, are enrolled in regular courses, the main part of the students are following corresponding courses. JVBI is divided into seven departments, Social Work, Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy, Prakrit and Jain Agama, Science of Living, Preksha Meditation and Yoga, Non-Violence and Peace, Computer Applications, Education.
Chancellor is Dr. L. M. Singhvi, vice-chancellor Mrs. Sudhamahi Regunathan. Her interview will be published soon, as well as interviews with Prof. Musafir Singh, head of Department of Social Work, and Prof. in education, Hemlata Talesra. Dr. Jagat Ram Bhattacharyya is associate professor, department head of Prakrit and Jain Agama and head of administration. Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar of Department of Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy is actually on Ahimsa Yatra with Acharyashree, he has given lecture on education to us, publication coming soon. There are three more associate professors, beneath Samani Dr. Sthitpragya, head of Department of Science of Living, Preksha Meditation and Yoga, 15 assistent professors, 11 out of 15 are Samanis, and 14 lecturers. Prof. S. C.. Manchanda is one out of 3 visiting professors.

Twice a week, the JVBI excursion bus in front of the building takes the students to villages in a circle of 50 kilometres. Here they are doing social work as supporting the finding of solutions to the problems an untrained rural popularity is facing here as everywhere else in the world. The focus of their social work is on girls’ and women’s training, realising that their backwardness is hindering social development of families and entire community as well. Paulo Soukup, our friend from Barcelona, and Luis Carlos Rodriguez Leiva had accompanied the social workers several times. Both were impressed by the level of confidence and mutual respect and sympathy between students and villagers.

The students are optimally prepared not only for exams, but for professionalism and the facts of life as well. JVBI degree and diploma holders have no difficulties to be employed. They are well known for being reliable, accurate and strongly motivated to succeed without harming themselves or others. Job oriented knowledge and techniques are acquired by them very fast, as we were told by Samani Riju Pragya, assistant professor and principal of Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidyala College.

Many students are coming from several day’s journey distant communities, like Miss A. She was born in Assam where her parents had gone for business, like many others. When she first heard from the Jain university situated near her parents’ home village, she decided to go there for education. Her mother, aiming that her daughters’ life should develop different from her own traditional, and her sister, being herself a shopkeeper and participating in JVBI’S correspondent studies, were her strong supporters. Her father finally agreed, but her brother does not speak a word to her until now. Apart from this, the family has to organise the company for her holiday trip home, which takes four days to come to Ladnun, four days to go to Assam, again four days from Assam to Ladnun, and four days back to Assam again. At least sixteen days a year for making possible the realisation of her dream to be a teacher one day…

This is one out of many true personal background stories we have heard, told for its being in accordance with the evowed aim of JVBI to provide especially women's education, realising dream and vision of 9. and 10.Acharyas Tulsi and Mahaprajna.

Deepak Matur, Computer Centre JVBI Ladnun, configured our laptop which enabled us to recall and send emails.

Apart from this, we have acquired a lot of publications for own studies and are impressed by the number of new publications completed since we left end of February. Don't miss their newly released website.

JVBI as an institution and the atmosphere there reminded us to the one described by Hermann Hesse in ‘Glass Bead Game’.

Further informations see: Glossary: JVBI.

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