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Published: 03.05.2011
Updated: 02.06.2011

Jain Vegan Friends:

The Healthy Discussion generated among Jain-Vegans has provided many-sided views. All of them are For NON-VIOLENCE. This is the Best Part. "How to Practice" has many ways. This is "ANEKANTVAD" i.e. Many Roads Go/Lead to The Truth/Goal/Destination. Jains have accepted the fact that for Survival of Human Beings, sacrifice of ONE-SENSE Life i.e. Plant-Based Food is essential. However, they have also said that this sacrifice of One-Sense animals also have to be Reduced, "as you go" i.e. "YATHA SHAKTI" i.e. according to your ability. The Final Goal remains, Complete Non-Violence to reach/achieve Perfection of the SOUL.

Now, we all live in the Present Day World, A Mixed Bowl. We are All Not Immortals, as Death is certain. In the Scientific and Technological Materialistic World, Research is coming out every day for Materialistic Gains, including Genetically Modified Plants/Food. It is very difficult to find out about purely grown Plants. It is mostly possible, only if we grow our own food in Back-Yards or Terraces. Many experiments are going on in this direction as well. Everyone can make efforts in this direction. Again, it is good for every one's Health - Humans, Animals and Environment, as most of us know.

As I look to myself, I have come a long way. To Give up Milk and Other Dairy Products, particularly for People Born in India (Myself Dec. 26, 1926), totally ignorant about Violence involved in Food, including Dairy Products. I have been personally influenced by Gandhian Thinking since my High School Days at age 14, while Gandhi started Satyagraha -Non-Cooperation Movement in 1929/30 against British Imperialist Rulers of India, involved in 2nd World War without consulting Indian Citizens. I learnt my Lessons in Non-Violence from Gandhi, Not JAINISM, even though I am born in a Jain Family. Jains Faded and Forgot Mahavir's Message, accept in PREACHING, sooner after his death due to predominant influence of the large Majority of Hindus and their practices, in India. Many Traditional Jains, particularly the First Generation of them around the world, still Religiously Believe/Pursue Dairy Use, even in Temple Rituals and Feasts. Research and Education has not yet reached even to University Educated People, including Jains.

Under All These circumstances and situations, VEGANISM as One of the Best Practices for Non-Violence, has No Easy Way Forward. Education and Information has to reach the Non-Vegetarian Traditional Masses Invaded, Influenced and deliberately Misinformed through Media and their Vested-Interests, Industries. There are helpful signs all around the World, including India - the fastest growing (in Population) and Advancing Industrial Nation. Let us pursue with Patience and Persistence with Confidence, like Gandhi who evolved through Mohandas, and ultimately took the World to a Surprise Message which still roars around the World, including the Burning-Middle Eastern Dictators and Monarchs. The Ultimate SUCCESS is assured as TRUTH, NON-VIOLENCE and FUTURE are on our side. LONG LIVE AHINSA for A Peaceful and Prosperous World. The Death of OSAMA-BIN-LADEN is the Latest Proof, even though "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right".

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