Standing Tirthankara

Published: 04.04.2011
Updated: 20.09.2011

Standing Tirthankara

Sculptural art depicts the Tirthankara as seated and standing. A standing Jina is depicted in kāyotsarg.a postur.e while the seated posture admits of two variants: In the vajraparyaṅka posture the legs are either crossed while in the sattvaparyaṅka posture the legs are placed one upon the other. Usually the posture of a seate.d Tirthankar.a is denoted simplified as padmāsan.a posture.

Category: Posture: Mudrā
Standing Tirthankara kāyotsarga posture  
Seated Tirthankara padmāsana posture dhyāna mudrā

According to the Jaina tradition the Jinas Rishabanatha, Neminathta and Mahavira attained release when they sat on the lotus-throne, while other Tirthankara.s passed away in the kāyotsarg.a postur.e.



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