08.01.2011 ►“Dirgh Tapaswi” Shri Moolchand Bafana Passes Away

Published: 07.02.2011
Updated: 08.05.2011

Sri Dungargarh, 15th January 2011

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/News/2011-02/Shri_Moolchand_Bafana.jpgIntense devotee follower Mr. Mulchand Bafna passed away at the age of 78 on 8th January, 2011 at Sri Dungargarh. During his lifetime he practiced long fasting (remaining without food and taking nothing except warm water) which includes a series of fasting for 1 day to 56 days. He also observed fast for 59,60,63,65 and 74 days as well He also practiced ayambil (practice of eating only one kind of grain and that too in one sitting during the day sitting at one place). Such ayambils were also practiced in a series from 1 day’s upto 63 days separately. He added pride to the Terapanth sect and so also to the Bafna family of Sri Dungargarh by keeping fast for continuous period of 74 days on the auspicious occasion of the 74th birthday of Acharya Shree Tulsi. So was his kind of penance that he lived a life of a saint even though staying with his family. His virtues and quality as a tapaswi were rightly addressed by the 9th head of the Terapanth Sect, His Holiness Acharya Sri Tulsi by calling Sri Bafna as a “Dirgh Tapaswi Shrawak” meaning a lay follower practicing fasting for longer periods. There does not appear to be any close parallel to his kind of penance as a tapaswi lay follower.

In the year 1981 (Vikram Samvat 2038) after he completed the fast for 63 continuous days, his balance of both the legs was disturbed. But as he was having no attachment with the physical body, his strong will power and inner strength encouraged him to continue the practice of fasting for longer periods as usual. This year also at Sri Dungargarh, his native place, in pious presence of Sadhvi Animashree ji he practiced ayambil once for 23 days and another for 40 continuous days.

He was a devoted, dedicated shrawak. He used to get intense pleasure when ever he had the opportunity of darshan of Gurudev. Ganadhipati Gurudev Shree Tulsi addressed Mr. Bafana as a great practitioner of penance. He was not only a great tapaswi, but was also a kind hearted person, not willing to harm any creature. He was a great example of pardon ability by the core of his heart. He had inherited the virtues and culture from his father Sri Birdhichandji Bafna (an eminent shrawak of his time) and extended the same to the next generations. His own sisters were initiated as Sadhvi Sonaji and Sadhvi Deepaji in the Terapanth Sect. His nephew Sri Sushil Kumar Bafna and Sri Prem Kumar Bafna are both participating actively in spreading the message of Lord Mahavira, Acharya Bhikshu and The Terapanth Acharyas world wide through herenow4u. Both of them have also been actively associated with the Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Kolkata as its Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Sri Sushil Kumar Bafna is also an Upashak Spokesperson at present. Sri Prem Kumar Bafna is also the Vice-president of Terapanth Professional Forum, Kolkata. The whole of Bafna family is religious minded and each and every member of the family is devoted to the Terapanth Dharam Sangh.

On his sad demise, Sri Sunder Lal Singhi (vice president of Sri Dungargarh Terapanthi Sabha) former vice president of Teyup Sri Manoj Parakh presented a shawl on his mortal body as a mark of respect to the departed soul. Hundreds of citizens of Sri Dungargarh and society were present in his funeral journey.

A Memorial meeting in memory of Sri Moolchand Ji Bafna was organized on 14th January in pious presence of Muni Panmalji. Muni Devendra Kumarji, Sri Sundarlal Singhi (president of Sabha), Sri Pramod Bothra(Teyup), Smt Sangita Dugar(Mahila Mandal), Sri Dhanraj Pugalia, Sri Jethmal Bafna(Younger Brother) Ari Ashok Bafna (younger son) spoke on the occasion and prayed for spiritual awakening of his soul. Sri Singhi told that society has lost a devotee. Former Vice President of teyup, Manoj Parakh expressed that with his demise Terapanth Dharma Sangh has lost a great devotee. His absence will be felt far and wide.

The Bafna family and their close relatives went to Ratangarh on 15th January, 2011 to have Darshan of His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahashramanji. Acharya Shri apprised the members about the fact that the physical body and the soul are separate and the soul never dies. Sri Moolchandji Bafna was a great tapaswi lay follower. The family members should protect all the virtues and good qualities inherited from him and enhance them to lead a purposeful life.

Sushil Choraria
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