Inauguration of Liluah Terapanth Bhawan And Mangal Pravesh Of Sadhvi Kanakshri Ji

Published: 05.02.2011
Updated: 30.07.2015

Inauguration of Liluah Terapanth Bhawan And Mangal Pravesh Of Sadhvi Kanakshri Ji

On 16 January 2011, “Mangal Pravesh” of Sadhvishree Kanakshriji alongwith her fellow Sadhvis in the newly constructed Terapanth Bhawan at 3/3 Guha Park, Liluah, Howrah, was celebrated. Shree Ganeshmal Manot and Shree Pradip Kundlia inaugurated the newly opened Bhawan for the masses, by untying the ribbon knot. The ceremony was carried out in symmetry with the Jain rituals and the chanting of Jain mantras by 13-member team of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad Kolkata led by Sri Bhupendra Dugar, TEYUP President.

Sadhvi Kanakshri ji in her speech advised that the series of activities carried out in Liluah should be smooth. She gave a special message on “Panchtatwa” and compared the human body with the Bhavan and requested to prioritize activities related to religion and spirituality. Such activities should be prioritised, as they are important for imbibing cultural values in children, guidance to the youngsters and for enduring truths of life for the elders. Sadhvishri ji especially appreciated the hardworking, confident and united members of the Liluah Sabha. Each activity performed reflects in it the equal contribution of elders and youngsters and the same should be continued.

In the morning Sadhvi Kanak Shriji started along with fellow Sadhvis for the Bhawan followed by a procession of hundreds of shrawaks and shrawikas of Liluah and all over Greater Kolkata. The children of Liluah gyanshala, Ladies wing members in their uniform and men in white dress were all making the procession attractive spreading the message of amity, peacefulness and world harmony along with the teachings of Lord Mahavira and Acharya Bhikshu. All and every one participated in the programme with great enthusiasm.

This auspicious ceremony carried out in the Sabha hall started with chanting of Namaskar Mahamantra by Sadhvi Kanakshri ji and fellow sadhvis. Members of “Liluah Mahila Mandal” presented the “Manglacharan”. The President of the Liluah Terapanthi Sabha, Shree Pukhraj Baid in his welcome speech thanked everyone present there.

Respected Saint Munishree Sumermalji (Ladnun) sent a special message on the occasion regarding Terapanth Bhavan at Liluah, which was read out by the Vice President of the Sabha Shree Ratanlal Sethia. Secretary Shri Pravinji Pagaria in his speech briefly described about various activities carried out by Liluah Sabha in the last 18 years and also presented the future plans. He explained that in-spite of lot of difficulties and hindrances this bhavan has emerged as a miracle in lieu of deep-hearted dedication of residents of Liluah to the “Acharya Bhikshu”. The dream of the residents of Liluah, finally became true after a long period of struggle. The construction of the Bhavan is a tribute to the Late Shri Narendra Lunia, past president of Liluah Sabha.

Sadhvi Nirvanshree ji in the pious presence of whom, four years back, on the auspicious occasion of Maryada Mahotsav, the laying stone ceremony was held at Liluah, had sent a message which was read out by Shri Amarchand Baid, the past president of Liluah Sabha.

The Bhavan echoed in the voice of Sadhvi Veenakumari ji, Sadhvi Madhulata ji, Sadhvi Madhulekha ji and Sadhvi Shantiprabha ji who sang the Sankalp Geet written by Sadhvi Kanakshri ji.

Special guest Shree Rajkaran Sirohia (Past President-Mahasabha), in his speech told about the Liluah Sabha as one of the most active and leading Sabha of the Kolkata Region. He also informed that the Liluah Sabha was selected amongst the top ten Sabha during his president ship.

Chief speaker Shri Prakashji Chindalia (eminent journalist and editor of Rashtriya Mahanagar) appreciated and praised all the members of the Liluah Sabha. He said that it is easy to cultivate a fertile land; real achievement lies in harvesting an infertile land. The Liluah Bhavan maybe small but is a beautiful piece of art, just like planting a flower in the desert.

Inaugurator, Shri Pradip Kundlia (Past Secretary –South Kolkata Terapanthi Sabha) congratulated everyone for the grand success. He suggested that preference should be given to Jain rituals in activities to be carried out over here.

Chief Guest, Shri Surendra Choraria (President - Jain Vishwa Bharti, Ladnun) congratulated the people and requested the activities be performed more efficiently.

Shri Parash Kumar Bothra read the message given by Munishri Sambodh Kumarji, the only saint in Terapanth presently representing Liluah. Sri Champalal Baid, past president of Liluah Sabha also expressed his emotional attachment in his short speech.

The programme was attended by hundreds of Shrawaks and Shravikas from all over Greater Kolkata. All the floors of the Terapanth Bhawan were packed with the devotees. The Liluah sabha members were were attentively caring all who came to attend the programme in pious presence of Sadhvi Kanak Shriji.

The dignitaries were honoured with mementoes The donors were honoured with memento, Literatures and Jain flags. The Sabha has not forgotten the untiring effort and hard work of the people associated with the construction and completion of the Bhavan. Their hard labour shines today as the parapet wall of the Bhavan.

Past president Shri Rajendra Manot gave the vote of thanks. Shri Abhayraj Bardia conducted the program attractively.

Liluah is an industrial town in Howrah district of West Bengal Province of India. It is situated about 6 Km. from Howrah Station. At present there are about 100 families of Terapanth followers in Liluah. It is said to be the gateway to Kolkata. Saints and Nuns coming to Kolkata regularly stay and preach the lay followers here. Manot Garden had been the regular place getting the opportunity of ‘Shayyattar’ (the advantage of giving their house/space for stay of Saints and nuns) offered by the Manot Family of Churu. Acharya Sri Tulsi stayed here for a number of days during his Kolkata Chaturmas in 1959 about 52 years back. At that time Sadhvi Kanakshri ji was a newly initiated nun in the Terapanth Order.

































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