Pravartini Parvati Jain International Award of 2010 To Dr. Peter Flügel

Published: 29.12.2010

Pravartini Parvati Jain International Award of 2010 To Dr. Peter Flügel

S.S. Jain Sabha Ambala, 22 November 2010

In the auspicious presence of the most senior Sadhvi Sudha Ji, worthy disciple of Sadhvi Swarn Kanta Ji, the 26th Lord Mahavira's Birth Kalyanak Centenary Committee presented the Pravartini Parvati Jain International Award of 2010 to Dr. Peter Flügel who is Professor in Jainism on Jain Chair in the Department of Religious Studies, faculty of humanities London University, London. In the fully packed  ceremonial hall  with other Sadhvies, Shravakas and Shravikas, Madhur Bhasini Sadhvi Dr. Smriti Ji announced the name of Dr. Peter Flügel for above said prestigious  award and introduced about the award and it's recipient. Addressing the audiences Sadhvi Smriti Ji told that before Dr Peter the award was given to noted scholars of the National and International repute from America, Germany and India. Sadhvi Ji addressed in English.  As an invitee of the committee speaking on this occasion Dr Pradyumna Shah Singh was very delighted saying that prize was going to very able hands. He praised the efforts of those who are evaluating the works of the scholars who are in and outside of the country. Dr. Paramvir Singh Head of the department of the Encyclopedia, Punjabi university Patiala also attended the Programme.  

The Chairman of the award committee Shri Purshottam Jain and Convener Shri Ravinder Jain presented the award of honor on the stage.  It is worth noting that the most learned Sadhvi Swarn Kanta Ji had inspired them to establish an award on the name of Pravartini Parvati Ji. Her aim behind the award was to promote research and literary works in the field of Jainism. Pravartini Parvati Ji was the Jain Sadhvi who had written about the Jain religion in the Hindi language first time and participated for its promotion in open debates with other religious teachers.

In her fourth lineage Up-pravartini Sadhvi Swarn Kanta ji born in 26 January, 1929 in Lahore was the most learned Sadhvi who promoted the works of learning in Jainism and gave importance to education of the Sadhvies. She had inspired Shri Purshottam Jain and Shri Ravinder Jain, recipients of the many prestigious awards, to enrich the Jain Literature by writing and translating it in local languages. Even today both brothers-in-faith are bearing the responsibilities which Sadhvi Swarn KantaJi had handed them over.

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