Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [42.3.2] Maryada Mahotsav 2005 - Day 3.2

Published: 15.02.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

After the ceremony where the monks and nuns had renewed their vows to observe ascetic conduct, the atmosphere was different. It had undergone some kind of purification. The three Mumukshus (middle) hurried back to their training centre with smiling faces, one Sadhvi in the foreground talked to some worldly relatives. People were still impressed by the ceremony they had witnessed.

Most of them were standing thoughtfully on the place where they had been during the ceremony. Everyone was reflecting own thoughts, created by the clear direction the ceremony had indicated to the spirit.

One of the rare smiling faces belonged to a young woman (middle) who had come to Maryada Mahotsav with her mother (left) and her younger sister (right). She had inspired her family members to come for the ceremony with her, for she wanted to take Diksha herself. Her mother still was hesitating to give her permission for her daughter's wish to realise the life of an ascetic one day. The mother was deep in thoughts, she barely noticed what was going around her. Whereas the daughter was happily absorbing the spirit of the atmosphere and had turned her attention to the inner reality. She enjoyed very much to be near to so many monks and nuns, being focused on the spirit; material world had taken back seat.

Most of the people were standing in groups together, but did not communicate much. This was not a situation for many words. It was a silent agreement, without any vow of maintaining silence. There was simply not much to say more, but to concentrate on the inner reality.

This young lady was engaged to be married for some time. She told us that her participation in Maryada Mahotsav was an occasion to think over the kind of life she wanted to have with her future family. For her, it had come clear that she wanted to lead a value-based life where Jain principles of conduct, as avoiding any unneccessary violence, as well as not taking what has not been given, would be her main guidelines.

This lady seemed to be in deep memories.

On the male side of the assembly was not much movement either. Even the men stayed nearly motion- and wordless.

It was like a common understanding to remain in the group a little longer and share the spirit.

Slowly, the assembly released the participants, carrying in their hearts the spirit of it.

Like always, children were the first able to express themselves. These two girls had offered the flowers to editor Karuna Jain. They said, for them it is a symbol of amity & respect towards all living beings, which they want to express representatively in this gift to Karuna.

Then the boys asked to be photographed, to documentate that they have become very good friends during Maryada Mahotsav.

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