National Seminar on “Application of Non-Possession in Jainism” organized in JVBU, Ladnun from November 27-29, 2010 - Report

Published: 03.12.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

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A National Seminar on “Application of Non-Possession in Jainism” held in the Jain Vishva Bharati University from November 27-29, 2010.There were four academic sessions based on various sub-themes along apart from the inaugural and valedictory sessions.
Prof. Nathan Katz with Samani Charitra Pragya, the Vice-Chancellor of JVBU in seminar

In the Inaugural session, the Registrar Dr. JPN Mishra welcomed all the dignitaries, guests and participants. The chief guest of this function Dr. Nathan Katz, FIU, USA enlightened the participants with his though provoking views. Samani Niyojika Madhur Pragya, the Guest of Honor, emphasized on duality of body and soul in relation with possession. Prof. Dayananda Bhargava and Prof. A.K. Mukherji, both keynote speakers, expressed on the theme of the seminar in Indian and Western perspectives respectively. In her presidential address Samani Charitra Pragya, Vice-chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati University, elucidated that in this world of rapid change the human mental structure must also undergo transformation. Dealing with the meaning of theme, she raised important question as ‘Is it no possession or non-possession’? This point was a significant part of discussion among the scholars.
Prof. Nathan Katz with Samani Madhur Pragya, Head of Samani-Order and Other Professors
Vandana Kundalia presenting Banquet to Prof. Katz
Prof. B.R. Dugar presenting Momento to Prof. Katz
Prof. B.R. Dugar presenting Shala to Prof. Nathan Katz
The Registrar and Former Vice-Chancellor of JVBU

Academic Sessions of the Seminar

The entire seminar was divided into four plenary sessions and each session had the following specific sub-themes.

Plenary Session: 1


  1. Non-Possession: Theoretical Perspectivee
  2. Non-Possession as a Religion
  3. Non-Possession: Socio-Cultural Aspects
Keynote Speakers:
  1. Prof. A.K. Mukherjee
  2. Prof. Sagar Mal Jain
Paper Presenter:
  • Dr. Samani Chaitya Pragya: Non-possession v/s Non-possessiveness
  • Samani Pratibha Pragya: Jain Ascetic: Role Model of Non-possession
  • Samani Agama Pragya: Non-possession as a Religion
  • Dr. Ashok Jain: अपरिग्रहवाद एवं धर्म
  • Satendra Kumar Jain: जैन दार्न के परिप्रेक्ष्य में अपरिग्रह व्रत पर कशायों का प्रभव
  • Darshana Jain: जैन दार्न में परिग्रह परिमाण व्रत एवं भरतीय कानून
  • Dr. Samani Kusum Pragya: जैन आगम साहित्य में अपरिग्रह
  • Dr. Sumat Jain: अपरिग्रह का लोकोपकारी स्वरूप
Prof. Sagarmal Jain and Prof. Arun Kumar Mookerjee

Plenary Session: 2


  1. Non-Possession and Development
  2. Non-Possession and Environment
Chair: Prof. J.N. Sharma Key Note Speakers:
        1. Dr. Premanand Mishra: Cultural Response to the Meta Narrative of Development
        2. Dr. S.P. Panwar: Non-possession and Development
        3. Dr. B.S. Gurung: Environmental Crisis is also a Spiritual Crisis
        4. Prof. Nalin K. Shastri :Perspective of Environmental Concerns and Non-possession
Paper presenter:
  • Samani Rohini Pragya : Non-possession- A Pragmatic Maxim
Prof. J.N. Sharma
Dr. Gurung participating in the seminar

Plenary Session: 3


  1. Peaceful co-existence and Non-Possession
  2. Lifestyle based on Non-Possession
Chair: Prof. M.R. Gelra Keynote Speakers:
  1. Prof. K.C. Agnihotri
  2. Prof. R.S. Yadav
  3. Prof. S.L. Gandhi
Paper Presentation by:
  1. Prof. J.R. Bhattacharya: Non-possession - An eternal view of Indian thought with special reference to Jainism
  2. Samani Shreyas Pragya: Non-possession: A greatest Remedy of Stress
  3. Ghanshyam Das: Parigraha as Violence of Freedom in the Philosophy of Lord Mahavir and Sartre
Prof. M.R. Gelara, The founder Vice-Chancellor of JVBU, Ladnun
Prof. Nalin K. Shastri and Delegates

Plenary Session: 4

Theme: Non-Possession and Business Ethics

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ashok Bapna

Paper Presentation By:
  1. Dr. Shyam Prasad: Non-possessiveness and Ethical Business
  2. Mr. Subhash Chandra: Business Ethics & Non-possession in 21st Century
  3. Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya: Non-possession as a Social Value
  4. Samani Shubh Pragya: Economics of Mahavira and Non-possession

The Valedictory Session

The valedictory session was chaired by Samani Charitra Pragya, Vice-chancellor of the university. She opined that the dynamic aspects of Non-possession will definitely be a practical solution for global problems. Prof. Katz, the Chief Guest, conveyed his heart-felt thanks for the intellectual and hospitable environment provided. Prof. J.N. Sharma, the Guest of Honour, said that he is highly satisfied with the management and deliberations of the seminar. The report on the deliberations was presented by Samani Chaitya Pragya and vote of thanks was delivered by Samani Rohini Pragya.
Prof. Katz in the Valedictory session of the Seminar

About 31 endowed lectures and research papers were delivered in the seminar. The local hospitality for the participants was provided by the parental organisation JVB. The successful execution of seminar was completed under the able and enlightened leadership of Prof. B.R.Dugar (Head, Department of Non-violence and Peace and Director, Research), who was the Director of the Seminar. The seminar on Application of Non-Possession in Jainism has been very fruitful and trail blazing as it explored multidimensions of the Non-Possession doctrine.

The entire conference was a useful academic venture jointly organized by the Department of Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy and the Department of Non-Violence and Peace. The coordinator of this seminar was Dr. Samani Riju Pragya (Head, Department of Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy). The success also is due to a galaxy of scholar like Prof. D.N. Bhargava, Prof. A.K. Mukherji, Prof. Nathan Katz, Prof. Sagar Mal Jain, Prof. J.N. Sharma, Prof. Nalin K. Shastri, Prof. K.C. Agnihotri, Prof. R.S. Yadav, Prof. S.L. Gandhi, Prof. Ashok Bapna, Dr. B.S. Gurung, Dr. Shyam Prasad, Dr. Premanand Mishra, Dr. S.P. Panwar, Mr. Subhash Chandra and many other professors and research scholars who participated in the seminar.

Open Session

In a session Prof. Nathan Katz had open discussion with the eminent scholars and academicians. It was a platform for sharing the ideas for exploring collaboration between FIU and Indian universities in general and JVBU in particular. The discussion was focused on exploring the possibilities of faculty exchange, launching online courses etc. to disseminate global values of Jainism.

Library and Campus Visit

Prof. Katz took a round of the peaceful and pollution free campus of JVBU. He appreciated very much the beautiful collection of the rare books and manuscripts at JVBU library and speaks very high about the library and Art gallery.


Cultural Programs

A Cultural evening was also organized for the participants of the seminar in general and for Prof. Katz in particular to enlighten them about Rajasthani culture. Prof. Katz enjoyed very much the Rajasthani folk dances and songs.

Photo Session

Prof. N.Katz with the Vice-Chancellor, delegates and university members


Samani Chaitanya Pragya
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