20.08.2010 ►New Delhi ►Muni Mahendra Kumar & Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Meeting

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 20.08.2010
Updated: 10.01.2011

Kalam Stresses Need To Disseminate Globally The Ancient Indian Theories Containing Scientific And Mathematical Knowledge

H.E. Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India, in a scholarly discussion with Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar, the eminent Jain Scholar, said that very valuable work was done in the field of science and mathematics in India in ancient times but unfortunately it was kept Secret. He further remarked that it was desirable that those valuable revelations should be disseminated globally. Dr. Kalam made the remark when he was perusing the books written by the Muni, which elucidated very important scientific and mathematical concepts through a comparative study of the ancient Jain Philosophy and modern Science.

Dr. Kalam also was very much impressed by the books in which it was proved through scientific research that the practices of Meditation and contemplation described in the ancient Jain Works had positive effect on the human emotions and behavior especially the work done on the Preksha system of meditation.

Dr. Kalam referred to the famous work titled "Man: The Unknown" in which it was revealed that the sub conscious mind had immense potentialities in bringing about the transformation of Human personality. He appreciated the efforts of ancient Indian Scientists to find out the practical means for effecting the subconscious mind.

Dr. Kalam agreed to release the new book titled "The Enigma of the Universe" written by Prof Muni Mahendra Kumar sometime in the next month. Muni Abhijeet Kumar, the young Jain Scholar and colleague of Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar made a suggestion to Dr. Kalam that he should act as joining link between the people like us who are doing research in the field of ancient scientific concepts and the modern scientists. To this suggestion Dr. Kalam readily agreed.

Dr. Kalam agreed to take interest in the various projects going on in the auspicious guidance of Acharya Shri Mahashraman who is the successor to Acharya Shri Mahaprajna who had co-authored the book titled "The Family and the Nation" with Dr. Kalam.


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