Transfer of Embryo (44)

Published: 17.07.2010
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Transfer of Embryo

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This painting relates to an event, which took place before the birth of Mahavira.

He was first conceived by a Brahmin woman Devananda.

When Sakra (indra) realized that Mahavira's parents were not Kshatriya, as is always the case of Tirthankara, he had the embryo of Mahavira transferred to the womb of Trishala, queen of King Siddharth, by Hiranegameshi, the commander of Sahra's celestial army.

The painting illustrates the entire sequence of the transfer of embryos of Devananda and Trishala.

The painting to the left depicts Indra instructing Hiranegameshi.

After receiving the instructions, Hiranegameshi is seen leaving the palace of Indra.

In the painting to the right, he is seen carrying out Indra's order.

In the lower panel Devananda is sleeping in her chamber and Hiranegameshi is leaving the room with the embryo.

He is seen arriving with that embryo in the chamber of Queen Trishala to implant it in her womb.

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