Brihad Surimantra Pata (35)

Published: 09.07.2010
Updated: 30.11.2012


Brihad Surimantra Pata

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Surimantra is also known as Mantraraja (the King of Mantras).

The Surimantra and its pata are given to the mendicant (Sadhu) at time of his promotion to the level of Suri (leader of Mendicants), by his guru.

Surimantra pata is based on the Pancha Namokara Mahamantra consisting of paying homage to the five great supreme beings namely Arhats (Tirthankara), Siddha (liberated one), Acharya (mendicant leader), Upadhyaya (mendicant preceptor) and Sadhu (mendicant).

The image of Gautamsvami is being worshipped by two disciples - shown in the illustration.

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  1. Acharya
  2. Arhats
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  4. Sadhu
  5. Siddha
  6. Tirthankara
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