Published: 15.06.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

Indra (Devanagari: इन्द्र) is the King of the gods or Devas and Lord of Heaven or Svargaloka in Hindu mythology, and also he is the God of War, Storms, and Rainfall.

In Jainism, Indra is also known as Saudharmendra, and always serves Tirthankar. Indra most commonly appears in stories related to Mahavira, in which Lord Indra himself manages and celebrates the five auspicious events in Tirthankar's life:

  1. Chyavana Kalyanak
  2. Janma Kalyanak
  3. Diksha Kalyanak
  4. Kevaljnana Kalyanak
  5. Nirvana Kalyanak


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  1. 24. Tirthankara Mahavira
  2. Chyavana Kalyanak
  3. Devanagari
  4. Devas
  5. Diksha
  6. Diksha Kalyanak
  7. Indra
  8. Jainism
  9. Janma
  10. Janma Kalyanak
  11. Kalyanak
  12. Kevaljnana Kalyanak
  13. Nirvana
  14. Nirvana Kalyanak
  15. Tirthankar
  16. janma
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