10.05.2010 ►Sardashahar ►First Speech of Mahashraman ji as 11th Acharya

Published: 15.05.2010
Updated: 18.01.2011

Today in the densely crowded hall, Acharya Mahashraman ji started his first speech by bowing respect to Bhagwan Mahavir. Then he said, “Until yesterday, I used to help Acharya Mahapragya to come on Pravachan stage & after Pravachan to take him back. But today those hands are no more to whom I can give support. Yesterday I had to hand over that dead body to the householders.

H.H. has worked for the Sangh until he took his last breath. The emptiness that has been created will never be filled by anything. Acharya Mahapragya used to say that he is doing Sardarshahar Chaturmas for Mahashraman only. Once he had even said that he wants Mahashraman to do his first Chaturmas at Sardarshahar. On hearing this, I was surprised why he used the words“ First Chaturmas“. But I was unable to guess any clue.

Stopping all rumours flowing in the air, Acharya Mahashraman ji clarified that Acharyashree had some health trouble started from Mewar Yatra. “For treatment purpose, we had changed the 2008 Chaturmas to Jaipur. Acharyashree had lost 5 kg of weight after Ladnun Chaturmas. Yesterday too, a burning sensation had started nearly at 14:00 pm. Many efforts had been made by saints & doctors, but all went in vain & now H.H. 's soul rests in peace. The age factor might also have played a role. There was no sign of illness or any discomfort.”

Acharya Mahashraman ji declared that from 9th to 15th May only condolence meetings will be done, and no other functions will take place. Entertainment and the like also should be prohibited in this period.

Accepting the new responsibility, he said, “I am firmly determined for maintaining happiness & peace of mind of all Monks, Nuns, Samans & Samanis. I vow to provide spiritual nourishment to Terapanth followers. I vow to work for Jainism & humanity.”

All Monks, Nuns, Samans, Samanis and Shravaks presented themselves & confirmed to their new Acharya Mahashraman that they are fully devoted towards him & ready to follow his instructions & guidance. It is the first experience in life to see 2 suns at a time - one is setting, while another is rising.
The setting sun has given experience, knowledge, guidance and even his immortal glorious shine to the rising sun to take care the responsibility of an Acharya of Terapanth.

As one of the lay followers, I have deep faith in Bikshu Shashan and in the new Acharya Mahashraman. I wish him all the best for the new role & challenges.

Mahima Bokariya
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