Om Namah Mahapragya Gurudevay Namah

Published: 11.05.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015                                              


Sun can feel proud of it self if it pierces the dense layer of clouds and provides light to the earth. An artist is satisfied if he engraves and creates a lively statue from  a huge unshaped rock. Acharya Mahapragya was one such personality who was gifted with both the virtues. A difficult job is encouraging for those who are transparent towards their goal and their commitment to serve mankind is evident. Nourishment amid darkness is meaningful only if it has ability to converge into light. “Nathu” as he was called in his childhood encouraged himself and got the nourishment to become “Mahapragya”.

Acharya Mahapragya born to Tolaramji Choraria and Baludevi Choraria at Tamkore (a small village in Jhunjhunun district of Rajasthan, India) in Choraria family was famous for his simple undeveloped image. But once he was admitted to monk hood by Acharya Kalugani, the 8th Acharya of Terapanth Order, he began his steps of the long journey of about 80 years under able guidance of Acharya Shri Tulsi. His determination, devotion, effort, politeness, sense of gratitude and his  journey around soul enabled him to make great contribution to the society and world at large by discovery of modern  meditation techniques named - ‘Preksha Meditation’ and ‘Science of Living ‘ to teach people the art of living purposeful life.

His enlightened spirituality has offered great solution to the modern world problem of terrorism, nonviolence and economic imbalances. His philosophy of relative economics offers amazing solution to the modern economic recession and related problems. His way of presentation of the teachings of Lord Mahavira i.e. principles of truth, non-stealing, non-violence, practice of chastity and non possessiveness have made Lord Mahavira more meaningful in the present scenario.

He has in the young age of about 80 years commenced the Ahimsa Yatra and studied the root causes of violence and has been regularly preaching people to remove those evils to eradicate terrorism and violence from the earth. Besides the Study of the modern problems he never ignored the smallest unit of the institution named family. He always preached to develop Equanimity, amity, assurance, compassion, affection, tolerance, endurance, encouragement of others to have peaceful co existence. He was a world renowned philosopher, writer of hundreds of books and commentaries. Even though he did not complete formal primary education, he has created such literary works that many research scholars have completed their Phd. on his literature.

 Being a member of the Choraria Family of Tamkore, I too feel proud of the contributions made by His Holiness. His glorified effort has made the tiny village of Tamkore more prominent on the World Map.

The news of his untimely demise came as a great shock to our family. We are deeply saddened. a large vacuum has been created. I pray for his spiritual journey abode. May his soul get liberation from the bondage of karma and attain Moksha soon. I pray for myself to apply his teachings and experiments for spiritual development of my own soul.

I bow with folded hands - Om Namah Mahapragya Gurudevay Namah! 

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