23.01.2010 Next Day (3)

Published: 22.04.2010
Updated: 30.11.2012



Time hurried away. Hardly we had left the Samanis, the next host was receiving us. And how he was receiving us for dinner. About 17 members of the Sethia family were giving us an incredible warm welcome. The 7 young members of the family were vibrating with life energy and made us feel very happy. Coming from a country where young people are in the minority, it was a wonderful surprise to meet so many open-minded of them. When our friend Conrad showed the big bar of chocolate he had brought from Germany, there was an enchanted smile on every face in the room. The younger ones' came from future expectation of the taste, the elders' came from sweet chocolate souvenirs. The presence of the kids activated these memories.


We were feeling like members of the family whose existence we ignored 5 minutes ago. That's life in its lightest facets, to feel familiar and friend with people hitherto unknown.


We were invited to take seat in the salon, which immediately was filled with members of the family. They all wanted to talk to us, every youngster put at least one question to us.

Then we had a tasty dinner. The members of the family did not eat with us, as it is custom in many families. They donate full attention to their guests. One girl asked me if we could talk. I agreed, but requested her not to expect too much from me while eating. It might have sound a little like in school. Her little relative very satisfied told me: "You look and are like my head mistress, Miss Maya. I like her very much." I was touched and astonished. And I wondered how this could be. But then she added," She is in pension now, I miss her."


The wonderful evening was crowned with a group photo. Sushil Bafana was so kind to take it.




All accompanied us downstairs and we bid farewell. It was bidding farewell from good friends. THANK YOU!

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