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Published: 23.02.2010
Updated: 10.01.2011

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"Loksabha should use the word 'Co-opposite (Pratipaksha)' instead of 'Opposition (Vipaksha)' - Aacharya Mahapragya"

National Saint Aacharya Shree Mahapragya ji emphasised on replacing the word Vipaksha (opposition) with Pratipaksha (cooposite) and passed this message to political groups through Terapanth Media. He said pratipaksha is a better and positive word than vipaksha as vipaksha means being against and following a policy of always opposition does not provides any solution, rather on every issue an analytical opposition should be done not mere opposition as line of land. The same was suggested and advised by Acharya Shree Tulsi and Aacharya Mahapragya to Rajasthan's vidhan sabha that time President Harishankar Bhabada and as a result Shri Harishankar  being convinced of the same shared it with political groups and today in Rajasthan Vidhansabha the word Pratipaksha is used instead of Vipaksha. Acharya Mahapragya also forwarded his thoughts to BJP's key leader Lal Krishna Advani on the same.

Acharya Shree also gave a discourse on Kalyan Strota which was written by Acharya Siddhsen  and explained its contexts in deep, he also explained about the philosophy of friendship and opposition.

"Pure food leads to development of Pure thoughts (You are, as your food is) - Yuvacharya Mahashraman ji"

In today's comparative discourse on Geeta and Uttradhyan Yuvacharya Shree said those who intake Satvik (pure) food can relieve themselves from prehand death as people due to uncontrolled & imbalanced diet become victims of serious diseases and as a result dies at an early age. He also stressed on the fact that those who intake Satvik food can increase their life span and following such a diet one surely develops pure thoughts.

Sri Tulsiram Choraria

Translation: Rekha Jain

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