Building A Strong Nation Through Peace And Non-Violence: Sachin Pilot

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 31.10.2009
Updated: 29.11.2012


New Delhi, Oct 31st, 2009

Communication State Minister Mr. Sachin Pilot said that discipline, morality and social attachment are necessary elements for national development. If any nation needs to get more heights in any field without these standards, it can't be called actual development. National upliftment is not only governmental work, each person needs to be involved in this effort. Social institutions should come forward and contribute in education, health and social welfare.

At his residence launching the books 'Ahimsa ka Alok: Himsa ka Andhera' by Gani Rajendra Vijay who is the founder of Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan; Mr. Pilot expressed the above emotions.

Sachin Pilot said, we want peace and harmony because there is no alternative to it. In the age of nuclear bomb, communal violence and terrorism there is no way to resolve problems other than through peaceful and non-violence means. He said, people need to adopt the golden principal of non-violence, anekanta, world peace, brotherhood and communal harmony that was proposed by Mahavira. Pilot also said Government power and the strength of saints can make a strong country. Only physical development is dangerous. Without the guidance and motivation of saints the actual progress is impossible. Pilot appreciated and welcomed the activities of Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan, which is working throughout the nation; such as education, health, social welfare and character building. He also wants to know the SPF's activities in tribal areas of Gujarat and said that these activities should be continued. ‘If my co-operation is needed, I will do as much as I can.'

On this occasion Gani Rajendra Vijay said that the invasion of modern life style is breaking our family institution. It's a big and serious challenge of this time. In this case not only a family is being weak, but also our society and nation. Because strong families build strong society and strong society makes strong nation. After all, process of making is based on a single family. Therefore, we are trying to build a healthy, wealthy and strong family under the roof of Sukhi Parivar Movement.

He also said that where there is attachment, there is violence. Global problem is increasing due to hoarding of essentials, unlimited production & unnecessary consumption culture. Hence steps are to be taken considering Aprigraha as the religion. We can control poverty, exploitation and terrorism by controlling & defining limits for the unnecessary use of material. This lifestyle that we see today is the result of a particular stream of thinking. It is creating a big problem. When we think of respect for life, it is imperative that we also think of nonviolence and peace.

General Secretary of Sukhi Parivar Foundation, Mr. Lalit Garg, explained the working activities of Sukhi Parivar Movement at tribal area Kavant and presented a new issue of 'Samrath Sukhi Parivar' magazine. Journalist and Socialist Mr. Gyanchand Jain invited Mr. Pilot for launching function of Asthapad Tirth at Hastinapur on December, 2nd, 2009.


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