Ahimsa in Crisis

Published: 11.08.2009
Updated: 19.06.2011
Ref: A Statement on Veganism: Ahimsa in Crisis by Prof. Gary L. Francione

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Fakirchand_J._Dalal/Fakirchand_J._Dalal.jpgJAINA Convention in L.A. this year is over and one Major Leap Forward has been taken at the same place where JAINA was Born in 1981. It may be that the past Leadership has been aging,yet a few Historical Firsts emerged this time.  Convention Theme  - `ECOLOGY-The JAIN Way' was Unique and Timely. A First Lady President from Canada, Lata Champsee has been put in charge. The Convention was held at the Jain Center, taking into realistic consideration of present economic situation.  Hamilton Brewart was the First American Sanghpati.  Prof. Gary L. Francione, the Key Note Speaker, pronouncing him a Jain, propounded VEGANISM as The Jain Way of Life.  He got a long standing Ovation.  Dr. Will Tuttle, Author of `The World Peace Diet', also Promoted Veganism.  Largely VEGAN Menu was served to All the Convention Attendees.  Less crowded Stage in main Auditorium was easy for Picture taking.  Less Total Number in Convention Attendance, generally led to, Not too Useful Socialization.  Duplicating Lectures from Gurus and Pundits could have been eliminated as they had Nothing New to Present.  It was the Same Old, Same Old Stale Material, Going Round and Around.  This could have also facilitated less Late Night Cultural Events.  Normal Sleep hours could have resulted in Refreshed Audiences. Less Over-Crowded Programs could have dealt with Subjects/Topics in details and thoroughly.  All these are a matter of Post-Convention Critical Evaluation for avoiding Similar Repetition of Mistakes by Innocent Convention Committee for the ensuing Convention.    

Now, Coming to the Topic of Practicing AHINSA through Veganism in the Violence-Turned Suffering World, is of Prime Importance for Jains in particular.  In most of the Conventions, No Continuing Program emerges for Guidance of affiliated Units.  We Need ACTION, Now.  My Humble Suggestions are as Follows:

  • Dogmatists and Ritualists, who live by Dogmas written in the Name of Tirthankars and Traditions, Outdated and Promoting Blind Faith, are Not going to Change easily.  It is a Waste of Valuable Time.  Science and Technology will Not wait for these crowling crowd, living in the Past and Ignoring the Present Precious and Rare Human Life.  Soul can be Purified Only through Compassion and Restraint towards the fellow Living Beings of our Planet.
  • JAINA should form `The Committee for 'Practice and Promotion of VEGANISM'  headed by Prof. Gary Francione.  The members of this Committee will be chosen by Gary, carefully from Young and Committed Practicing Vegans.  It will be advisable to avoid Gurus, Pundits, etc. who try to keep their hands/feets on both sides, serving their Vested Interests.
  • JAINA and this Committee should advise, guide and direct affiliated units to Implement Veganism in their Rituals and Official Lunches/Dinners, etc. to Avoid Milk, Yogurt, Clarified Butter, silk, Wool, etc.  There are enough available healthy alternatives.
  • Gary and his Committee members should take trips to these Centers, Address their Members, and form Local Vegan Units.
  • If necessary, One Day Conferences may be organized in Major Centers, inviting Local Other Organization Leaders, active in Vegetarianism, Animal Rights, Environmentalism, etc.
  • A Manual for Practice of Non-Violence, in Day-To-Day Life, be Prepared and Presented at the Next Convention, `World For Non-Violence - Jain Way'.

Hope this is Enough for the time being. 


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