Dialogue about Proactivism by Jains

Published: 09.01.2009
Updated: 02.12.2010

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Fakirchand_J._Dalal/Fakirchand_J._Dalal.jpgJains are a Resourceful Community in India and around the World. Jainism is the Most Scientific Religion with The Message of AHINSA (NON-VIOLENCE). It is the Most Relevant Philosophy, particularly Now, when The Violence is perpetrated in the Name of Religions, Particularly by Fanatic Minority of Believers in Islam, and by Others Wrongly in Response to it. The Subject is deeply rooted in long History, yet the Present is very Crucial, as the Violence is at its highest level, in India and elsewhere. We don't need to go in details as it is evident by the Happenings of the recent past.

History has a Purpose, `To Learn Lessons from the Past and Not to Repeat the Mistakes in the Present, for A Better Future'. Modern Civilization has forgotten the Cultural Values, the Accumulated Wisdom. Materialism has Swept around the World, starting with Industrial Revolution. It has Now Reached the Zenith, Led by U.S.A. and Spread Around the World in the Rat Race. This is because the GLOBALIZATION is an Irreversible Phenomenon. It has A Brighter Side that is overlooked by GREED and IMMORALITY. Here comes the ROLE of Basic Principles of All Religions, - Non-Violence (Ahinsa), Truth (Satya), Non-Stealing (Exploitation, Asteya)), Restraint (Brahmacharya) and Detachment (Aparigraha). GLOBAL WARMING is The Symptom of Man-Made Abuse of NATURE and All the Living Souls (in Air, Water, Heat/Light, Vegetation and Earth) of the Universe. Humanitarian Principle of `Live and Let Live' is Forgotten.


As INDIVIDUALS, We can Do a Lot and Contribute to the Larger Good of the Society around. `Simple Living and High Thinking' is a Forgotten Mantra. It Mostly Died with Mahatma Gandhi. Village Self-Sufficiency was his Way of Organization of the Society. Science and Technology is the Human Brain Child. We can't Go Back. Science and Religion are Not the Anti-thesis of each other. They Complement and Supplement each other. `Religion Makes a Statement and Science Tries to Prove It'. Gandhi, while promoting `Spinning Wheel', stated that Science should Not Dictate (RIDE OVER) Human Being, It should Help Human Beings from Drudgery'. I have been Promoting the Idea of Retirement Communities, as an Example of Simple Living for Seniors / Retirees. It Brings into Operation, All the Five Fundamental Principles for Lay(wo)men (Shravak / Shravikas).

VEGETARIANISM / VEGANISM (Plant-Based Diet Only, Without Any ANIMAL Products, including Dairy, whatsoever): Every one of Us can Practice it for Health (Physical, Mental, and Philosophical), Compassion for ALL Lives, and Liveable Planet. In DEMOCRACY, `Vigilance is The Price (of Democracy)'. We All have to Actively Participate by VOTING and Observing Civic Sense of Cleanliness and Hygiene, etc.. We Can Join, Promote, and Participate as Individuals and as Jain Organizations in Vegetarian, Animal Rights, Environmental Groups, etc. We can Take a Lead in the Movement. We are Resourceful enough to Invigorate and Bring About the CHANGE, if We Move Out Of Our Traditions of Temples, Rituals, Dogmas, etc. and Join The Wider World.

As JAIN ORGANIZATIONS, we will have to Overcome Divisions like Shvetamber, Digambar, Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi, Rajchandra Wala, Songadhwala, Rajkotwala, etc. and Remain JAINS Only as Believers In and Practitioners of AHINSA, as the Foremost Principle, `AHINSA PARAMODHARMA'. Divisions have Made Us Smaller and Smaller, Infighting, Hair-Spliting, and Splinter Groups, ineffective to take up any worthwhile Action Program. Money Making has Remained Our Only GOAL around the World and everything else has been the Consolation. Many Individuals have Progressed in Various Directions, but as a Community, we remain Unknown and Insignificant. Vested Interests and Hankering for Power, Position, and Prestige has Left us Lost from Any Major Achievements. `Better Late Than Never' or else We are on the verge of Extinction. It Needs The CHANGE in Exhausted, Tired, Aging, and Visionless LEADERSHIP.

All that is said above is Fully Applicable in INDIA, U.S.A., and Everywhere Else.

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