Month Long JVBU Contact Classes Concluded At Mahasabha, Kolkata

Published: 18.05.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015

A month long vigorous schedule of contact classes for M.A and M.Sc. students of Jain Vishwa Bharti University, Ladnun’s Correspondence Course held under the guidance and pious presence of Samani Nirdesika Malay Pragya ji, Samani Sanchit Pragya ji, Samani Vinamra Pragya ji and Samani Prasham Pragya ji. At Mahasabha Bhawan, Kolkata was completed on 3rd May 2009. The arrangement for classes was done by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad Kolkata, as is being done since last 10 years.

Sri Tarun Sethia, former General Secretary of Mahasabha and former President of Teyup- Kolkata was the main mentor behind the successful completion of these classes. He put his tireless efforts with regular follow - ups on all counts of the classes. Along with Samaniji, the other faculties were many ex - students form Kolkata who have completed their PhD, M.A. M.Sc., Physicians and many other professors from outside took the classes. Dr. Babulal Binayakia, Dr. Anjula Binayakia, Dr. Indu Banthia, Dr. Jaya Duggar, - from the medical stream; Dr. Manju Nahata (Jainology), Dr. Tara Dugar, Smt. Suraj Bardia, Sri Surendra Sethia (Yoga & Science of Living), Sri Sushil Bafana, Sri Arun Gangh, Smt. Pratibha Pugalia, Smt Veena Shyamsukha, Smt. Anju Kothari, Smt. Premlata Choraria, Smt. Amrao Choraria, contributed their efforts in imparting classes for about 108 students registered for the session. Students came from various states namely Assam, Bihar, Hyderabad, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Orissa, and few also came from the neighbouring country of Nepal. Amongst the students, a group of 12 were followers of Srimad Rajchandra. The number of students registered this year was a result of continuous encouragement and effort put by Sadhvi Nirvan shri and Sadhvi Mudit Prabha during her 3 years stay at Kolkata and her last successful chaturmas at Ganges Garden,South Howrah.

Terapanthi Mahasabha, Kolkata Mahila Mandal led by Smt Pratibha Kothari (President) and Kolkata Sabha led by Sri Karan Singh Nahata (President) and Sri Narendra Manot (Secretary Kolkata Sabha) actively and responsibly coordinated all the programmes during Samaniji’s over one month’s stay at Mahasabha Bhawan, Kolkata.

During the month long stay of Samaniji classes of Jain Karyawahini were regularly taken by samaniji on every Thursday of the week. Samaniji also enlightened many families aggrieved due to death of any of their members or relatives at the condolence meetings organized at 2.30 P.M. at Mahasabha.

Addressing the large gathering of lay followers at North Howrah Terapanth Sabhagar, Samani Sanchit Pragyaji said –“ Kolkata gets Chaturmas of enlightened and learned Saints / Nuns. We are thankful to Gurudev Tulsi who dreamt of JVBU. In Kolkata, Tarunji Sethia (Regional Coordinator of JVBU) has since its inception 10 years ago been putting tireless efforts for successfully organizing the classes. Kolkata is a fertile area. People here have thirst for knowledge.

Samanji welcomed Sadhvi Kanak shri ji at North Howrah and said - “Sadhvi Kanak shri ji with her group of nuns- Sadhvi Veena Kumari ji, Sadhvi Madhulata ji, Sadhvi Madhulekha ji and Sadhvi Shantiprabha ji have measured a long distance of over 1400 kilometers on foot from the National Capital Delhi to the Capital of Terapanth, Kolkata during last 6 months. When the groups of Saints / Nuns arrive, their preachings and teachings help ignite the light of knowledge in the lay followers and keep their soul pious”. Sadhvi Kanak Shri ji said  - “Acharya Tulsi dreamt of the JVBU and a place for imparting knowledge of Jainology. He fulfilled his desire of having learned disciples. He wanted the good flock from lay followers to come forward. Today we have seen the long list of teachers from the business community. This is a good sign of willingness to gain knowledge. Honouring these persons who have devoted their time, will definitely inspire others to come forward and join the courses on MA, MSc and after completing the same, to impart training too.” Sadhvi Madhulata ji invited the lay followers to come forward and utilize the discourses of Sadhvi shri ji and various other programmes to be organized in the forth coming chaturmas under pious presence of Sadhvi shri ji.

Sri Tarunji sethia summarized the month long programme in his speech. Sri Kuldip Manot (President- Teyup), Sri Amit Tater (Secretary-Teyup-kolkata) also spoke on the occasion and gave literary momentos to the faculties. Sri Jatanlal Sethia (President, North Howrah Sabha) Welcomed Sadhvi shri and all layfollowers in the Sabha and Sri Ashok Bhansali (secretary, North Howrah Sabha) offered vote of thanks to all expressing gratuitous feelings towards Sadhwishri Kanakshriji for giving the sabha a great opportunity for the Sunday’s special discourse. Sri Karan Singh Nahata (President, Kolkata Sabha) also welcomed Sadhvi sri at the gateway of Kolkata. It is to be noted that Sadhvi shri Kanak shriji has after about 6 months on foot journey from National Capital of Delhi enroute to Kolkata. Earlier in thew morning sadhvi kanak sri and her group started on foot from Liluah, after a 6 days successful stay at Manot Garden, Liluah. Enroute at the factory of Goel Family, Sadhvi sri had rest and took alms. From there, they started in a procession of about 500 lay followers and reached the North Howrah Trust Bhawan.

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