Workshop On Jain Lifestyle, Sainthia (Birbhum)

Published: 14.05.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015
Life style is the mirror of a society’s health

- Sadhvi Nirvanshree

Sainthia (Birbhum), West Bengal: 05.04.2009

A workshop on JAIN LIFESTYLE was organized under pious presence of Sadhvi Nirvanshree ji, a learned disciple of His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya ji at Santhia in Birbhum district of West Bengal, an area where Lord Mahavira had stayed and moved around for years as an ascetic during his sadhanakaal. In the workshop organized by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Senthia, Sadhvi Nirvanshri ji referring to all the participants and present lay followers said - Life style is the mirror of any society. The health of the People of a society can be guessed through their way of living. Mental peace is the first necessity of life. Until the tidal waves of pride and huge expectations continue, peace can not be achieved. Some people go for drugs, in search of peace. Some people have the habit of tranquilizers, but peace will be temporary not permanent.


Sadhvi shri Nirvanshriji further said - a life style having equality, labour and the effect of reducing four evils i.e., anger, pride, deceit and greed is a blessing for the society. A person having Right sanskar (virtues) and control over the wishes will be joyous himself and can show the path of happiness to others. “Righteous earning” is today’s prime main expectation. Purity of resources of earning forms the base for the purity of life.


Chief speaker Dr. Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabha ji said in her main speech - “ What shall be the life style of lay followers having faith in Jainism, is a matter of deliberation today.”, Positive thinking towards life, righteous faith in spirituality and right view in behavior are the foremost elements of life style. Till one gets righteous view towards living being and the universe, peace can not be imagined in life. The second step of Jain lifestyle is nonviolence. Nonviolence is not only not killing a small creature. Nonviolence begins with mental nonviolence. Bodily Nonviolence is the ultimate result. Wrong thinking, uncultured language, behavior as a liar are the result of nonviolence. Third essence of life style is leaving persistence non-obstinace. The philosophy of anekant i.e. to perceive things from different angles to arrive at a conclusion and anekant teaches us to leave Persistence. Persistence should neither be in thoughts nor in language and voice then only the behavior will be free from obstinacy.


Sri Binod Kumar Choraria, general Secretary of Terapanthi Mahasabha presented a short speech on the subject - “What should be the life style of Jain’s? He, remembering Sadhvi Shree’s three years successful stay at Kolkata, presented his sense of gratitude towards Sadhvishri Nirvanshriji and her group of nuns.

Amit saansad and Upashak Mr. Sushil Bafna spoke on the topic Sadharmik affection (fondness) and Upashak Mr.Ranjit choraria presented correctly about the subject ‘Sramana Culture’. He invited the lay followers from Sainthia to colobrate in upashak category.

The Programme began by Sadhvi Mudit Prabha ji’s song on jain life style. Teyup president Sandeep Chhajed welcomed all the delegates and expressed his sense of gratitude towards Sadhvishriji. For giving them the opportunity of organizing the workshop, Sri.Manakchand parakh from Terapanth sabha senthia welcomed all the guests from Kolkata, Bolpur, Rampurthat and near by areas. Vikas Puglia also presented his thoughts. Shri Pankah Bothra organizing Secretary of Teyup compered the workshop. Smt. Amrao Choraria read the Shravak Nishtha Patra (lay follower belief document).


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