Punjabi University Held Acharya Atma Ram Memorial Lecture ‘Pratikramana in Jain Religion

Published: 09.12.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


Acharya Atma Ram Memorial Lecture was held in Punjabi University, Patiala Senate Hall on 18th November 2008. Guru Gobind Singh Department of Religious Studies arranged the lecture with the financial help of Bhagavan Mahavir Meditation and Research Center Trust, Kuppakala, District Sangrur.

Importance of the ‘Pratikramana in Jain Religion’ was the main topic of the lecture which was delivered by Professor Sudeep Jain. Dr Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Punjabi University, Patiala inaugurated and Jain Monk Shri Tarak Rishi ji, Senior Adviser of the Shraman Sangh was the Guest of Honour at the lecture programme. The Vice Chancellor while inaugurating expressed his great satisfaction on organizing such a lectures relating to spiritual and moral values by the Department of Religious Studies. He quoted Gurbani emphasizing diversity among the people of the world but also underlying unity in human race. He said religion is basically based on compassion. Professor Sudeep Jain, Head of the Department of Prakrit Language, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit University, New Delhi nicely conveyed the gist of the Pratikramana-Sutra to the august audience. He threw light on every important aspect of Pratikramana to which every religion subscribes. He further told that it was quite natural to commit mistakes in the life due to lake of self-vigilance but sincere efforts for trying to reform or remove them from daily behavior make a person authentic being called a civilized or a gentle man.

8174703976The name of this well-organized and independent process of the self–refinement is called “Pratikramana in Jain tradition. This is an efficient prompt psychological method to uplift the conduct, thought and self-confidence. The most proficient method to achieve the goal is through spiritual repentance. The young monk Shri Shivam Rishi Ji, inspired by a very senior and dedicated monk Shri Tarak Rishi Ji and Suyoga Rishi Ji, delivered an enlightening discourses on the same topic. The prominent members of the Jain community and teachers, researchers and students of the University also participated in the memorial lecture.

Dr. Rajinder Kaur Rohi, Head of the Department of the Religious Studies presented her introductory remarks about the lecture series. Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh Programme Coordinator threw light on the life of Acharya AtmaRam Ji who was the first Acharya of the Shramana Sangh. He also read the message sent by fourth Acharya of the Shramana Sangh Dr. Shiva Muni Ji who is Ph.D. from the Department of Religious Studies. In his message he extended his blessings for the success of the programme and promised to help in the future lectures also.


On this auspicous occasion the book titled Jain Storiestranslated into Punjabi Language by Purushottam Jain and Ravindra Jain was released by Vice-Chancellor. While delivering vote of thank Dr Pradyumna Shah Singh expressed gratitude on the behalf of the Dept. to Chndanbala Shravika Sangh, Ludhiana and patrons of the lecture series Purushottam Jain, Ravinder Jain, Padam Jain and Telu Ram Jain for their patron ship.

Pradyumna Shah Singh
Programme Coordinator

Ravinder Jain
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