Book Presentation: Happy Harmonious Family - by Acharya Mahaprajna (2)

Published: 07.10.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012

The Book

81746993445 October 2008, Jaipur, 11.00 AM,
Anuvibha Kendra, Jaipur, India

Launch of the book

Happy and Harmonious Familyby Āchārya Mahāpragya,

Translated by Mukyā Niyojikā Sadhvī Vishrut Vibhā

Concept, typography, design, layout and illustrations by Sanjeev Bothra, Appropriate Design, Jaipur.

About the design:

If you open the front page and the following pages you find a particular flower-like structure with petals in various colors. They symbolize the differences of characters of the members of a family, who each in their individuality are harmoniously grouped around the heart of the flower. The heart of the flower is an empty hole (In the cover of book it is an actual hole). This symbolizes the spiritual world of invisible values which are the core and inspirational source, as well as the final aim for each human being towards which he or she is directed.


There is another circle on the backside of the book with in it a picture of Āchārya Mahāpragya, end a white circles on the spine – which, when the book is folded open, links the two other circles, thus connecting Āchārya Śrī with the happy and harmonious family.


The ‘flower’ is repeated several times on each page, and special pages have specific extra color designs.




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