Peace And Forgiveness

Published: 10.09.2008
Updated: 30.09.2008

Michchami Dukkadam
Peace and Forgiveness

Days are for action.
Nights are for peace.
During the day we act, react and interact.
During the night we do Samadhi or peaceful meditation.

Those actions, reactions and interactions
We do during the day.
Come at night in our dreams
They come as emotions, as nightmares, as body vibrations.

We want the night to be for peace,
For the dreams of soul.
What are the dreams of soul?
Omniscience, Peace, Bliss, Perfection.

To have the dream of soul,
We erase certain vibrations of the day
Before they permeate our consciousness.
So, we have these thoughts and feelings:

I forgive all and let all forgive me.
Forgive not only in words;
I forgive in every crevice of my consciousness.
I feel no animosity, no vindictiveness, no grudge
Against any living being in the universe.

I evoke the Siddhas,
The Perfect Souls to witness
This, my act of forgiveness

Trupti Traudel Pandya
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