2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [02] Anuvibha Bhawan

Published: 01.08.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012



Salil Lodha was the first person I met in front of Anuvibha Bhavan.

Hardly off the car, I already met a friend! Salil Lodha familiar to us since long time & regular sender of 2008 Jaipur Chaturmas News in Hindi kindly welcomed me at Anuvibha Bhawan, “Welcome at Anuvibha Bhawan, Karunaji!” What a welcome at a location one never before had set a foot!


Sanjeev Bothra (r), whose family had invited me to stay with them, was amused when he heard that I already had met two persons of my acquaintance, Salil Lodha (l) and Arpit Dubey.

A chuckling in my back indicated that Sanjeev had arrived & watched the scene. Another person addressed me & asked in my back, “Do you recognise me?” Sure, as we nearly met daily with Arpit Dubey during our “2005 Trip to Spirituality”. All the three agreed to pose for a photo in front of Anuvibha Bhawan. Sanjeev smilingly added, “ Nice to be in front of the camera this time”, as most of the time he stands behind it.


Shivani Bothra (m), my friend & host during my Jaipur 2008 stay, with Sadhvi Kalplata & Sadhvi Jinprabha.

Again I heard someone calling my name from behind. Shivani happily was indicating that she was with two Sadhvis of Sadhvi Rajimati's group. She rarely failed to meet Sadhvi Rajimati. Shivani herself had put it this way, “Since they are in Jaipur, it has become an integral part of my daily routine to meet Sadhvi Rajimati. She is inspiring me to such an extent that I feel after meeting her how the better person inside of me is growing and extending. I come here for permanently being remembered to that kind of better person inside of me. When due to my duties I fail to meet her, I feel needy the next day. I think we all are too forgetful about this better person inside of us strongly supporting us when we are aiming to accomplish things we are here for.”

Sadhvishrees rushed away on speedy feet. Before knowing Munis & Sadhvis & Samanis personally, I supposed them to move slowly, if at all! In this presupposition inner and outer reality of human life were mixed up. Inside monks and nuns very quietly perceive all ongoing events, and they are acting likewise. Seen from outside they are running, rushing, hastening in a way one has to put efforts to physically keep up with. This is because of the straight schedule every one of them has designed for him- or herself in order to fulfil as many tasks as possible. They are integrating the consciousness of being bound to limited time & space when any bodily action has to be performed into their earthen life. A great majority among them had this awareness already from early childhood, due to which their decision to lead the life of a saint totally dedicated to the spirit of non-violence becomes not only understandable, but even a logical consequence.

Finding myself alone at the corner, I took the opportunity to look around & noticed one of the often-found contradictions in life directly in front of me. Opposite Anuvibha Bhawan had emerged one of the latest sophisticated malls of Jaipur city, adorned with a digital screen showing the latest advertising spots every night. Especially on Sunday it attracts an admiring crowd of mainly male youngsters. To me it appeared like the embodiment of material and immaterial aspects of human life. Both worlds coexist peacefully, not taking much notice from each other. To find a balance between them certainly is one of humanity’s most important tasks in 21st century.

Then I felt a need to hurry to the room where H.H. Acharyashree was staying. All people crossing my way seemed to know my destination and showed the direction yet unknown to me. Due to their support I succeeded in enjoying Acharyashree’s presence before the door to his room was closed. This afternoon was one of the rare periods he was retiring from public for some time.


Acharyashree immediately addressed me by my name and gave me one of his unique smiles. When I looked into his eyes I really felt happy from deep inside. With much inner participation but in very few words – perhaps only, “Why Meditate is ready” – I had communicated with him on the process of rendering his book into German language to present the subject in the German way of putting things, and in what a short time the work was completed. He made me understand by the look of his eyes that the whole process was familiar to him. Not only had he experienced all steps, but he also knew very well the source of energy enabling to accomplish the task.

This was a short encounter in measurable time, may be two minutes maximum, but it gave a strong impact on the depth of my being and activated even more the there residing source of my joy. I wondered why so very often we are wasting our short lifetime with unnecessary encounters resulting in quarrels being for rather a long time a source of troubles. These troubles are binding our energies to more or less negligible subjects having not much to do with the inner reality deeply concerning us. I took the resolve to use the opportunity during my stay to find out a technique how to get access to this source of joy in every day life. Acharyashree’s deep understanding had inspired and encouraged me, and I strongly felt that he knew since quite long time already what came to my mind when I was in his presence. Most important was my instant understanding that he would give the guidance needed by inexperienced people like me.


Muni Dulheraj


Muni Kishan Lal

Thereafter I went for Darshan of Munishrees Dulheraj & Kishan Lal. Their authentic presence makes me feel as if our former meeting was only yesterday providing this kind of reality and truthfulness I am in need for after having experienced situations like described before. One might say that again this time I really understood in terms of experience the close interaction between lay followers and saints.

Outside Anuvibha Bhawan I met again with Shivani & Sanjeev who in between had encountered Rudi Jansma. Rudi is not only a long time friend of Dr. S. L. Gandhi, but also actively supports him with editing work. Shortly after my arrival at the Bothra family’s home, Shivani had called Rudi and made appointment with him at Anuvibha Bhawan, saying, “You must meet him, we are very close friends!” Rudi and me already had agreed upon going together to Dr. Gandhi while Shivani and Sanjeev went to receive Shivani’s mother at the airport. When we met, I felt like knowing Rudi for a long time & was happy to have made another good friend in such a short time. Deep inside me, there was not even a trace of wondering, such things happen in the environment of enlightened people. By making transparent the immense potential of life with all the possibilities it retrieves they are the sparks for refinement of perception & watchfulness.


Karuna Jain & Dr. S. L. Gandhi

Dr. Gandhi’s office is in the basement of Anuvibha Bhawan named after Anuvrat Global Organisation (Anuvibha). Here he works out ideas on how to realise and promote a non-violent lifestyle with his team. The outcome of these ideas will be manifested in “VII International Conference On Peace And Non-violent Action” planned for November 2008. The preparations hereon are under way.

Rudi kindly took the photos. Dr. Gandhi and he also are cooperating in preparing and editing articles for “Anuvibha Magazine”, the journal of Anuvrat Global Organisation.


Karuna Jain & the staff of Anuvibha (f.l.): S. K. Sharma, Kishore Jethanandani, H. L. Maheshwari, Shiv Kumar Gupta.

Finally I wanted to meet personally with the staff of Anuvibha working untiringly for the noble sake.

Then time had come to return to the Bothra family’s home together with Kanchan Baid, Shivani’s mother who in between had gone to Sadhvi Rajimati for Darshan. For all of us it had been a long day with enriching encounters, and so we were happy & grateful for the opportunity to support our bodies with the wonderful welcome dinner at the Bothra family’s big dining table, apparently made for occasions like this.

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