Kolkata - Welcome Function For Samanijis in Kolkata

Published: 05.05.2008
Updated: 30.07.2015

Sadhvi Nirvan Shree

Yogkshem Prabhaji
Lavinya Prabhaji
Kundan Yashaji
Mudit Prabhaji

Welcome Function For Samanijis in Kolkata

On 29th April 2008 Samani Sheel Pragyaji arrived at Kolkata with her group of 4 Samanijis from Cuttack, Orissa. A welcome function was held in presence of Sadhvishree Nirvanshree at south Kolkata Sabha Bhavan where Samanijis Sangh Pragyaji and Malli Pragyaji also were present with their groups.


Shri Chainrup Nahata from Kolkata is doing  Santhara. His family had requested H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna to depute  one group of Samanijis to give Mr. Chainrup Nahata a maximum of Samadhi  during his Sadhana of Santhara. Samani Sheel Pragyaji and her group  therefore came to Kolkata, Samanijis Sangh Pragya and Malli Pragya  regularly are giving classes in Kolkata for BA & MA students of  distant education department at JVBU Ladnun.

Sadhvishree Dr. Yogkshem Prabhaji expressed her feelings of happiness  to receive Samani Sheel Pragyaji with whom she had lived together long  years back at Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha. She said, “We are lucky that  first we welcomed Samani Sangh Pragyaji at south Howrah, where we 2008  are going to spend Chaturmas. We then welcomed Samani Malli Pragyaji at  Maha Sabha Bhavan where we 2006 spent our first Chaturmas in Kolkata.  Today we are welcoming Samani Sheel Pragya at south Kolkata where we in  2007 had spent Chaturmas.

Mr. Nahata who is doing Santhara is 10 km away from  this place. Two nuns walked to his place to give Samadhi to him.  Samanijis Malli and Sangh Pragya are here for teaching since quite some  time, and whenever they got time they also visited Mr. Nahata's house.  Samani Sheel Pragya now has arrived for this purpose.”

Samani Malli Pragyaji then welcomed Samani Sheel Pragya on behalf of  all Samanijis already staying in Kolkata since some days. She said that  Samani Sheel Pragya is very cool minded which makes it very easy for  her to stay with any group. Samani Sheel Pragya is doing alternative  fast - one day eating, one day fasting - during the last 7 years.

Samani Sheel Pragya expressed her happiness of being in presence of  Sadhvishree Nirvanshree and her hope of being able to learn many things  from her.

Sadhvishree Nirvanshree in her response said how happy she always feels  when Samanijis arrive, as they are always bringing news and messages  from H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna, Yuvacharyashree Mahashraman, and Sadhvi  Pramukhashree Kanak Prabha. This gives not only energy to Sadhvishrees,  it also provides internal news to them which can only be heard from  Samanijis. Sadhvishree Nirvanshree expressed her hope that Samani Sheel  Pragya in the next future will attend Akshay Tritiya function.


Shri Vinod Baid welcomed Samanijis on behalf of all laypersons and hoped that besides Mr. Nahata all people in Kolkata will enjoy the benefits of Samanijis’ stay in Kolkata. Shri Bhanwarlal Singhi compered the function.

Sushil Bafana, HereNow4U Correspondent, Kolkata
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