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Published: 04.01.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


Friday evening before the weekend trip, there was suddenly a knock at my door. A breathless messenger stammered, “Madame Vice-Chancellor calls you at her home - now.” He gave me sign to follow him and headed towards VC’s home. I knew that he did not speak one word of English language and asked myself how he had managed this difficult task. He was assistant to the VC’s personal assistant, and was happy when I immediately did what he had asked me to. On my way, I noticed that I forgot to take my camera with me.

Until this evening there was no further occasion to meet or talk to VC Samani Mangal Pragya, as she was continuously busy abroad. The 3 Samanis of her group changed in her company, they all were enthusiastic and regular students of the German language course. Even VC Samani Mangal Pragya would have liked to participate, but this really was impossible, due to her bustling schedule. 

Good-humoured, full of energy, and wide-awake, she was sitting in front of me at the end of her working day that had started as usual at 04:00. Besides being in charge of her responsibilities as Samani, she uninterruptedly had to take decisions, give instructions, preside meetings, and respond to correspondence. But she was looking as if meditating, reciting prayers, and studying the scriptures were her only schedule.

When I told her that up to our meeting there was no opportunity for me to meet members of the university or to visit university departments, she smilingly announced a very busy weekend to me. Due to the weekend trip, the activities were postponed to Monday, one day before my departure.

Monday, after the German language course, all except Samani Shreyas Pragya left the classroom. Samani Shreyas Pragya is teacher at the college and in the group of Samani Riju Pragya. She waited for me and accompanied me to Samani Riju Pragya’s office. Samani Riju Pragya also participated in the German language course. After taking their photo, all classrooms of the college were shown to me, and I met many of my students there who all enjoyed my visit.


Samani Riju Pragya, head of JVB Acharya Kalugani College, and Samani Shreyas Pragya, teacher at the college


Samani Riju Pragya in her office


A class in college with their teacher

I then met university professors, PhD students, students of different departments. To meet again with professor Gaur was a great pleasure for me. He now is head of the Science of living, Preksha Meditation & Yoga department, further he is associated professor of the department of psychology & physiology. His research aims at finding out how the practice of Preksha Meditation contributes to the building of the meditationer’s character and to the foundation of his ethical principles, as well as the generating of positive emotions. In the near future, HereNow4U will publish a selection of his findings.


Prof. B.P.Gaur and Dr. Samani Malli Pragya


Prof. B.P.Gaur, Dharini Jain, Dr. Samani Malli Pragya, Dr. Hemlata Jashi


Prof. B.P.Gaur, Carla Geerdes, Dr. Samani Malli Pragya, Dr. Hemlata Jashi

Professor Gaur was in charge of Samani Malli Pragya PhD research, and now is caring for Dharini Jain’s PhD research on comparing the stress factors of married and unmarried female students.


Dr. Mishra explains an instrument for mesuring the volume of breath


Dr. Mishra is associated professor at the Science of Living, Preksha Meditation & Yoga department. He showed the instruments to me, measuring or analysing blood constitution, frequency & volume of breath, blood pressure, frequency of heart, and activity of the brain.

At the end of the afternoon, my head was buzzing, and only after eating and having some rest, I was able to prepare my luggage for departure the next day after the farewell function.

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