JVBL - Souvenir 2007 - Peace : The only Way

Published: 24.01.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

JVB London - Souvenir 2007

Peace: The only Way

Peace is a word with so much depth and endless meaning. To attain peace in this world full of so many joys and sorrows - one might wonder if it is possible for non-violence not to exist.

Picture this scene: one Sunday morning, army troops have been given orders to raid a small village suspected of terrorist activity. Among grenades and shooting bullets, a child is crying uncontrollably having no idea why his surroundings are being destroyed and lives are being taken. If the soldier was to face the weeping child, there is a greater chance of him realising that something terrible has disturbed the child and thereby make him more aware of the consequences of his actions.

Non-violence was an integral part of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and led to the independence of one of the world's largest nations. The essence of non-violence is to eliminate negativity. If we do not take part in negative actions they will not manifest during the course of our lives. By dedicating all of his energy and using truth more so than seeking it, Gandhiji was able to stop wars and his dream of non-violence materialized showing their potential. If one man dedicated all of his energy in an effort to create a higher level of peace and set a new vibration, imagine what we could do together as a community, as a village, as the world!

All of life's greatest gifts may be discovered within us but what better gift than peace? If we were at peace we would no longer have wants and needs but appreciate the fact we can walk, talk and breathe. Non-violence is certainly a major piece in completing the puzzle of peace!

These words have one intention - to generate positive vibrations within those who have shared them with me. The way to change the world starts with changing oneself, and in time the self will disappear. This is how my challenge started, and life is appearing to be the most amazing gift. I came across a poem that I would like to share with you.......................


This question is related to exchanging wealth for a pearl,
The word may be a metaphor relating ignorance to bliss,
But my wish is pure and simple.... love life as it exists!
Life is priceless but its worth is more than all,
With a purpose to teach the way to peace when God calls,
We need a revolution before a world war,
And I can't help wondering what all the fighting is for,
While the sight of the poor is a cause for concern,
Uproar will return unless we stop to think and learn,
It's important to earn the gift of life on this earth,
To live in love and love each other with guidance from birth,
Blessings shower down as the face of time shifts,
Countless minds are being exposed to the beauty which exists,
A way to peace is a thought to formulate positive energy,
Each and every single day give thanks and praise for being free,
War ends today if you want because it's your choice,
You can shape your own world and create jour own voice,
There is no way to peace, Peace is the way
Meditate and you may hear the words a certain great soul would say,
One day we may just wake up to a different time andplace,
If time and space were to make a change and create a new race,
In this age, bringing war and peace to an end,
Shows that Peace is the way in which we will ascend.

JVBL, Souvenir 2007
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