JVBL - Souvenir 2007 - Ahimsa : A New Dimension

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Published: 17.01.2008
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JVB London - Souvenir 2007

Ahimsa: A New Dimension

Non-Violence has many connotations. When we say non-violence, we generally think of not killing or hurting others through word or action. This perhaps is only ten percent of non-violence. Just like a glacier most of its meaning is hidden. Let us ponder on the wider perspective of non-violence - positive and negative. In Prashnavyaakrana sutra, there are many synonyms of non-violence.

Samadhi (a complete state of peace) is another form of non-violence. In five yama or vratas, significant emphasis has been given to non-violence. A non-violent person can never become negative. It is only an unhappy and a depressed person who has not tasted the sweetness of non-violence.

Whilst defining non-violence, Acharya Tulsi described three conditions as significant.

  • First, not to kill or hurt any living being, mentally, verbally or by actions, to the extent of not inspiring or appreciating others who do it.
  • Second, one must extend equanimity towards all living beings. All positive values such as respect, love, kindness and compassion towards all living beings are included in this. The third part of the definition is vigilance. The first two occur when another being is involved.
  • The third condition is about oneself. Whatever the time of the day, whether living in solitude or in a group, asleep or awake, there must be self-awareness. Whatever we do, we should do knowingly. All our actions, our words and our emotions should be positive and this is non-violence.

The first condition represents the negative aspect whilst the remaining two represents the positive ones. A combination of all three conditions is a complete definition of non-violence. Being non-violent is a symbol of inner harmony and an accomplishment in itself. All other triumphs will naturally follow.

JVBL, Souvenir 2007
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