3rd IMPC Lecture: Anupreksha - Auto Suggestion & Contemplation

Published: 22.01.2005
Updated: 25.10.2010

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Objectives of Anupreksha

  • Preksha means concentration of the perception
  • Anupreksha means concentration of thought
  • Activate the energy through Preksha and utilize that energy by Anupreksha. Through deep concentration, realize the eternal truth
  • Emotional transformation or development of virtues by contemplation
  • Eradication of psychological distortions such as irrational fear

2. Spiritual Basis of Anupreksha

  • A spiritual therapy for curing physical, mental and emotional ailments
  • A technique of self study and self introspection
  • A process to understand the transitory nature of world
  • Helps to keep consciousness free from infatuation
  • Four kinds of Dharma Dhyan - Contemplate on solitariness, transitoriness, worldly object and its nature of not giving shelter permanently
  • Enter into the level of Shukla Dhyan - Pure consciousness endowed with infinite energy, bliss and knowledge

3. Scientific Basis of Anupreksha

  • Evidence show that habits and behaviour can be altered by changing the frequency of emotions
  • Frequency should be reduced and wave length is to be increased
  • When frequency is practically zero and wave length is infinite, the state of Shukla dhyan is achieved
  • Modern alternative therapies:
    • Faith Healing
    • Pranic Healing
    • Hypnotism healing process
    • Aura cleansing
    • Metaphysical healing

4. Benefits of Anupreksha

  • Brings radical changes in attitude and behaviour
  • Changes the chemistry of the body
  • Synthesization of various chemical substances
  • Influences the function of hypothalamus and pituitary gland that helps a person to cope with various crises in life
  • Replacement of negative learned instincts into positive one
  • Visualization of different radiant colours changes the overall personality
  • Attainment of tranquillity and happiness

5. The Process of Anupreksha

  • Begin with mahaprana dhvani
  • Relax the body and visualize the particular colour
  • Experience that with each breath that colour particles are entering into body
  • Perceive those particles at particular psychic center
  • Repeat the positive sentences several times

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC

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