Bernie Meyer

Published: 16.10.2014
American Gandhi


Born: 1938


402 Pattison St. NE
98506 Olympia WA USA


Phone: 360-570-0975


About Meyer began his justice and peace career as a Catholic priest in Cleveland, Ohio during the 1960s. A 1967-68 Urban Ministry program anchored his life mission. Since 1995, after 20 years of work on social advocacy and social services, Bernie has focused on the study of human motivations for violence and of methods in nonviolence. He has portrayed Mohandas Karamachaud Gandhi since 2002. In December 2007 he received an Individual Lifetime Achievement in Human Rights award from the Thurston Council on Cultural Diversity and Human Rights.

Mahatma Gandhi, Visionary of Our Time:

  • "Be the change you want to see in the world."
  • "We must refuse to wait for generations to furnish us with a patient solution which is ever growing in seriousness. Nature knows no mercy in dealing stern justice. If we do not wake up before long, we shall be wiped out of existence."

Long-time peace activist, Bernie Meyer dressed in traditional dhoti with walking stick, brings you the legendary, Mahatma Gandhi. As Gandhi, he has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as India, where he has been lovingly dubbed, "The American Gandhi.'

  • "Now, more than ever, is Gandhi's message needed," says Bernie. "With all the violence in the world, the destruction of nature and depletion of resources, we are risking all life on Mother Earth. I want to bring together the wisdom of the East and the science of the West with the hope that we will create sustaining, peaceful communities. Gandhi shows us the way. We can 'be the change' we want."
Portrayals, Presentations, Training
  • Bernie portrays the historic Gandhi in six scenes for general audiences.
  • For specific audiences he presents Gandhi's principles applied to world peace today.
  • During his presentations, Bernie weaves together Gandhi's messages regarding human dignity, spirituality, politics, economics, community, world peace, faith, interdependence, forgiveness, and much more.
  • For education and training venues, Bernie presents the latest insights into the roots of violence. As a nonviolence trainer, he offers experiential exercises.
  • Bernie has led Salt Walks in the USA and taken Gandhi's presence to the highways and byways.
  • In India, Bernie speaks "as Gandhi."
Venues: Schools, Universities, Churches, Study Groups, Community Gatherings, Conferences, Retreats, Trainings in Nonviolence.'s book: THE AMERICAN GANDHI, My Seeking Truth with Humanity at the Crossroads Bernie's blog:


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