Muni Kam Kumar Nandi

Updated: 20.09.2012


Born: 06.06.1967, Khawat Kappa, Distt. Belgaum (Karnataka)


Village Khawat Kappa, Distt. Belgaum (Karnataka)
Family Name:
Renunciation year:
November, 1988
Place of Celibacy Vow:
Ankloose (Maharastra)
Celibacy Vow & Initiation ceremony by:
Gandhar Acharya Shri Kunthu Sagarji
Place of Initiation Ceremony:
Holy mount Shri Sammed Shikher ji
Teachers of Jain thought:
1. Acharya Shri Vidhya Nand ji
2. Upadhaya Shri Kanak Nand ji
Study of Languages:
Kannad, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Marathi and Brahami script
Daily Routine:
Constant meditation, incessant study (reading, writing, learning of sacred books), delivering sermons and religious discourse
Up-to-date Chaturmas:
Under the supervision of Gandhar (Four-month rainy season Acharya Shri Kunthu Sagarji at Aara stay) (Bihar), Baraut (U.P.),


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