JAINA Convention 2005 : Sessions / Topics

Published: 16.05.2005
Updated: 21.03.2017

JAINA Convention 2005
Federation of Jain Associations In North America

Theme of
Jaina Convention 2005:

Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment

I have been assigned to present the following two topics under 'Religious Track' and as a moderator of one session of the Theme Track.
Both topics of the religious track are very important for the youth and young adults of North America.

Religious Track:

  • “Jain Food, Eating Home & Out” - boiled water, sunset, etc. in North America – Practicality of Ahimsa & Veganism: Definition of Jain food, scientific aspects. How does it help in preventing violence? Guide to reading of food labels. What can easily be followed in North America? (July 2 – 1:15 - 2:30)

Theme Track:

  • Moderator of session: “Jain Learning & Education: Opportunities in the western world?” (July 2 - 4:15 - 5:30).
  • "Jainism: Ecology and Environment" (July 3 – 1:15 - 2:30)

If you have any information or suggestion / comment on the topics or for a moderator session, please let me know.
I need to make sure that the presentation / lectures / participation not only will spiritually inspire aspirants of all traditions, Shvetämbar, Digambar, Sthänakaväsi and Teräpanthi as well as the inspired ones by Shrimad Räjchandraji but also strengthen the unity and harmony among all Jains and their faith in the teachings of Bhagawän Shri Mahävir Swami.

Thanks for your assistance and help.

Pravin K. Shah
JAINA Education Committee

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