Kolkata - Paryushan Celebrations 2007 - Day 3 - Samayik Diwas

Published: 15.09.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015
Sadhvi Nirvan Shree

Yogkshem Prabhaji
Lavinya Prabhaji
Kundan Yashaji
Mudit Prabhaji

Paryushan 2007 Celebrations

Day 3
Samayik Diwas



The Third Day of the sequence of Ashtahnik Upasadiksha (eightfold initiation) was observed as the “Samayik Diwas.“ Samayik is said to be an act of purifying ones soul from karmic bonds caused by our actions by meditation & prayer. Samayik means to be in the soul or self through meditation. This is the state of complete thoughtfulness by knowing ones self for a mahurat (48 minutes).

Sadhavi Shri Nirvanshreeji graced the occasion by saying that, “The most important problem of today’s world is jealousy. This can be solved by Samata (Equanimity) which can be felt only while doing samayik. The importance as well as the relevance of Samayik has even been discussed in the Agams. Gurunanak, the founder of Sikh religion said that true humans should be allowed to disperse, as they by virtue of their humanitarian nature will spread human values and equanimity throughout the world. She further said that by just doing a samayik will not do any good unless it is done with a pure heart whereby one can practice self contemplation and interact with its own self. Samayik is the most important mode through which one can arouse its spiritual self. It helps to attain mental peace & relieves one of the chanchalata
of the body.

Sadhavi Lavanyaprabhaji said that, “ If from the word Samayik we remove the first two letters what remains is Mayik which means engagement in the worldly (Maya) talk. If one were engrossed in the subjects relating to the day to day affairs of the world during Samayik, one engages into an impure Samayik. It is to be kept in mind that the act of Samayik is undertaken for the purity of soul & interaction therewith, which cannot be attained by the performance of an impure Samayik. The importance of true Samayik should be understood & one should try to amalgamate it in its life.

In the evening a debate was organized by purvanchal Kolkata Terapanthi Sabha. The subject of the debate was - Whether higher technological knowledge is helpful in development? Many followers - including young educated girls and boys participated in the debate and presented their views on the subject highlighting the constructive and destructive use of the information and technology in the present day materialistically dominated era.


Terapanth Bhavan, 9a, Anuvarat Sarini, Kolkata. phone no.033/24768878


Sushil Bafana, HereNow4U Correspondent, Kolkata & Sushil Choraria, Kolkata

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