Anuvrat Movement

Posted: 01.03.2004
Updated on: 24.01.2012


Launched on March 1st, 1949 by Acharyashree Tulsi as an universally oriented movement for individual self-transformation. It is based on the view that the social life will be embettered when the individual is reformed.

The Anuvrat Code of Conduct infuses with new life people degenerating fast into what T.S. Elliot aptly calls "automatisations or living shadows inhibiting the great wasteland".

The Anuvrat Movement contains a new system of education embodying a scientific outlook based on Jivan Vigyan (Science of Living), human solidarity and mankind's common heritage drawn from cosmopolitan cultural traditions.

To realise an Ahimsa based lifestyle Preksha Meditation was developed as a method for individual transmutation.

  • Anuvrat Sankalp Yatra
  • Anuvrat Award
  • Anuvrata
  • Anuvrati


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