Published: 25.09.2004
Updated: 06.09.2016
Pratikramana, Pratikramaṇa
Introspection (literally Sanskrit), Returning to self

Pratikraman (withdraw), with reference to the past, is one of the 6 essentials called avashyakas.

  • The process of getting into contact with the own self, the soul.
  • During the time of Pratikraman all wordly activities are stopped and introspection of the own activities is practised.
  • Fasting up to 8 days is practised by many Jains.
  • Any voluntary or unvoluntary transgressions against the principle of cooperation with all living beings are asked to be forgiven and forgotten.
  • The purity of one's own intentions is reassured by this act as well as the purity of thoughts, words and actions.
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