German Language Course At JVBI - [08] - Encounters with Students

Published: 19.10.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

11.10.2007: Encounters with Students

Two students of German language Course, Shobha Chopra from Bikaner and Mamta Jain from Bewar near Ajmer, invited me during the Sunday excursion to visit them in their hostel. After the afternoon session of the course, it was convenient for all of us. The hostel for female students is situated next to the department of education. The university formally used this building, now university and College have new buildings opposite to each other.


Department of Education


JVB University


JVB College Acharya Kalugani


Shobha Chopra and Mamta Jain at the entry of their hostel


Courtyard of the hostel

The hostel like most of the houses in Rajasthan has an open courtyard, from where the rooms are accessible. The building, sanitary facilities included, is neat and clean. After 19:00 it is closed, and nobody can get inside or leave it.


Shobha and her room mate Vandana Mehta


Mamta and her sister Priya Jain with Priya's Daughter Rochak

Shobha is sharing her room with Vandana who was awarded scholarship in Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan). She is happy to satisfy her needs like fees of study, room, food, with the amount of about 100€. Mamta is living with her elder sister Priya and the latter’s daughter Rochak in a room. Furniture like table, bed, chair, and wardrobe are included, but bed sheets and mattresses have to be brought by the students. Shobha has covered her wooden bed with a big blanket; Mamta and her sister only have thin ones. Priya and her little daughter share a bed. Rochak attends the first year of JVB’s primary school.

All students take the meals in the dining hall, which also is common gathering room. Traditionally, in Indian students’ hostels breakfast is not available. All other meals are included.

Very often, women and girls from rural areas are awarded with scholarships because of their best-levelled study performance. Those scholarships are enabling them to achieve degrees and certificates. Acharya Tulsi used to state, “When we are giving formation to a gent, we provide a solid base for him to earn his livelihood. When we are giving formation to a lady, we make possible cultural jumping into a new world to a whole family.”


Nischan Jain, Dharini Jain, Rajesh Jain


Nischan, Rajesh und Dharini


Karuna & Dharini


Nischan, Karuna, Dharini, Rajesh

Due to Dharini and Rajesh, I am connected with the world now. They provided a mobile to me. When I asked Rajesh to look on the market for a mobile to rent during my stay, he found that this was not possible. Without hesitating, he gave the mobile Dharini had given to him over to me. He told me that his parents highly approved this, when they learned why he will not be available on mobile for the month of October.

Dharini has completed BA in commerce and MA in Science of Living. She is very much interested in meditation and psychology. Her family lives in Orissa to where she will return next month. She is a friend of HereNow4U correspondent Mahima Bokariya.

Rajesh originates from Pilibanga in West Rajasthan, near to Pakistan border. His subject naturally is computer technique, and so is his friend’s Nischan. Both of them want to specialise on establishing of network systems.

One afternoon after German language course, where Dharini also is participating, they told me to come to Cafeteria for a surprise. I hurried for my camera, and there already they came! They invited me to have south Indian snacks together, a speciality of the cafeteria, which I can proof now!

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