German Language Course At JVBI - [05] - A good Start

Published: 14.10.2007
Updated: 30.11.2012

Admitted, I was a little nervous when I went towards JVBI campus from Sumit Guesthouse at 13:40. On my way, I met some students asking me my way as they were on their way to take lunch, and start of the course would be at 14:00 only. I told them not to worry and went to the course room. The blackboard looked like that one I had in my classroom in my first year of Primary School in Berlin 1954, and which then was replaced by a newer one. When I later told this to the students, they laughed heartily.



The material frame of this first course of its kind perhaps might need improvement, but the participants’ motivation for, interest in, capacity, joy, and readiness of learning certainly does not at all!


The flow of the university members and students seemed to be never ending, permanent coming and going. Everybody was eager to meet the German teacher from Berlin, my value of entertainment was high, about 45 participants peopled the afternoon course only. I remembered the words of professor Klaus Bruhn, “In the beginning, some will come by curiosity, this will diminish, and those really interested will prevail.” It was true here also, the number of participants stabilised to total 45, one group in the morning from 08:30 to 10:30, one in the afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00.

Dr. Anil Dhar, coordinator of the course, meticulously had prepared the materials, but neither the number of copies was sufficient (which nobody could imagine before), nor lesson 1 was copied. We both agreed that a course with 12 lessons should start with lesson 1, and Dr. Dhar hurried for the prints. Neither he nor I had noticed the missing of lesson 1. So I gave an oral introduction during 15 minutes until the prints were brought. Remembering these 15 minutes, I wonder how anyone could catch something. However, daily I am addressed with „Guten Tag!“ (good day) from all over the campus.

Due to the many participants, the marble floor, and the ever-running fan my voice needed support. Dr. Dhar immediately required a mike, and acoustics were perfect. This afternoon I really felt relieved, all were in high spirits, all went well, and this continued.



Encouraged by the good start, I got much energy for the evening session. Samanijis had asked to attend the second course in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00 in the Goutam Gyanshala building where they stay and get lessons on the JVB Ladnun campus. The building is named after Mahavira’s disciple Goutam who is taken as an ideal of knowledge. He put 36,000 questions to Mahavira, as is mentioned in Bhagwati Sutra, and therefore his name is kept for inspiration of acquiring knowledge. Samanijis are living there in groups of five with one of them being the head of group.

Some minutes before 19:00 I went to Goutam Gyanshala building, 16 Samanijis and 8 Mumukshus (novices) were waiting for me already. Here also, everything went very well. At the end of the first week we agreed that the course should also take place in the JVBI building, as in Goutam Gyanshala, no mike was available and further, morning hours were more convenient for Mumukshus. Some Samanijis were not able to continue the course, as they were busy elsewhere.


Meanwhile, nearly half of the 45 participants attend the morning course, and the other 50 % the afternoon course. Those who missed the morning course come in the afternoon and vice versa. 12th was Hindu, 13th October Muslim holiday. For this reason, these days only morning courses were held.

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