Anuvrat Week at Sri Dungargarh, Rajasthan

Published: 26.10.2005
Updated: 10.10.2010

From 26th September to 2nd October 2005, an Anuvrat week was celebrated in Sri Dungargarh, a town of 70.000 inhabitants in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan. The regional Anuvrat council had organised this week under the spiritual guidance of Munishree Rajkaranji, disciple of Acharaya Mahaprajna. Munishree Rajkaranji and the monks of his group, as well as learned speakers from the Anuvrat council gave lectures on Jeevan Vigyan, sessions of Preksha Meditation, Preksha Yoga, and Mantras to end addiction to the nearly 500 students and teachers. The sessions were held at Maheshwari Girls' School, Balniketen, at Pratab Public Secondary School, and at Saraswati Senior Secondary School.

It was complained that instructors of discipline very often are not leading a disciplined life, therefore, they do not give good example to those they are instructing. The lack of discipline in the society was explained by this fact.
Further, the speakers appealed to the audience to care for the environment, and not to contribute to its pollution caused by big factories, due to personal carelessness in this regard.
Harmonial relations in families, the base of society, were pointed out as important factor leading to a balanced society. To become a balanced member of the family, one has to learn how to master anger, greed, jealousy, and ego. But when there is no economic base for the family, relations cannot be harmonial. Economical imbalance was named as main reason for violence. Nevertheless, the students were instructed how to conquer negative emotions and to improve mentally.

Students are instructed how to sit in Shashankasan (Shashank:rabbit, rabbit posture), which helps to control anger.

Students are performing convolved leaf posture by bowing down, touching the ground with the forehead, stretching the arms while the palms are put together, and then slowly putting the hands with palms up near the hips on the ground. This posture increases concentration and memory power.

Munishree Piyush Kumarji (right) demonstrates, how to perform Namaskar (greeting) posture.

Munishree Rajkaranji

Munishree Rajkaranji (second right), with the Munis of his group: Munishrees Piyush Kumarji (right), Purnanand Kumarji (left), Mahesh Kumarji (second left). The monks are aged between 86 and 22 years.

Our correspondent,Sushil Bafana, Kolkatta, India, reporting from his spiritual trip to Rajasthan
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