Ahimsa Yatra : Siriyari : Acharya Mahaprajna On Education

Published: 17.09.2004
Updated: 02.07.2011

Each and every individual has got the capacity to acquire knowledge, but it is not developed in each and every one. When a child is in the situation to be provided with the effective cause to develop knowledge, it can acquire knowledge. When this does not happen, the knowledge lies dormant inside the child. The clay which got the effective cause from the potter, becomes the pot, the clay which did not remains clay. Determining factor is the situation when the effective cause initialises the process.

There is a rule mentioned in the Karmashastra (the science of karma), unless the karma does not get the effective cause, it does not give its fruitation. A monk took the vow to discard violence, but unless the effective cause is not activated in one situation of his life he cannot develop in this quality, similarly when the pot of the potter is not yet baked it cannot hold the water in it.

Lacs of rupees are charged for the present system of education, this is destroying the purity of knowledge and darkens the system of impacting knowledge. Violent reactions are created among those who are not admitted to the educational institutions due to lack of money. If proper attention is not given to this problem these institutions may become institutions of fear instead of liberation.

The educational institutions need to be changed in a suitable way. School education that only imparts intellectual information does not bring bliss to the students. If they have no experience of their soul they cannot experience the pleasure of life. Without training in contacting the soul, people are not concentrated enough to control the wandering mind. The art of concentration is the key to know the mysteries of better living.


Source: Swami Dharmananda

Adapted by HN4U2

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