ANEKANTA, The Philosophy Of Non-absolutism [ 2 ] Reconciliation

Published: 20.01.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008

The second principle of Anekanta is reconciliation. It is the principle of the quest for unity between two apparently different characteristics of the substance. Characteristics that differ are not altogether different. They have identically also. Reconciliation can be brought about only by recognizing the identity principle.

The principle of ecology is one of reconciliation and of interrelationship between different substances. Balance in the universe cannot be established on the basis of the premise, "I alone exist". We survive only by adhering to the principle that "besides me, the other also exists and we are interrelated". The balance in the universe can be explained on the basis of the above concept of interrelatedness.

© by Acharya Mahaprajna
Translated by Muni Mahendra Kumar

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